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The Trump Hail Mary

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9 minutes ago, Hestia11 said:

By that I mean mask wearing, mask mandates, social distancing, and all of those being enforced by states and districts that are deciding to open

Sure, that's a bit more specific. But how do you know that's the best way to prevent deaths? What about wearing face shields? What about staying 10 ft apart instead of 6? What about sanitizing public transit surfaces? At what point do you judge people to have done enough to prevent deaths 'as best we can'?

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2 minutes ago, Actinguy said:

But apparently I'm trying to secretly kill everyone by telling them to wear the same mask that I've been wearing every single day in a hospital with more than 100 COVID-positive patients and been absolutely fine through.

So do you think having 1,000s of people mass gathering and chanting, but feeling 'safe' because they're wearing masks, is OK?

Read my comment again. Not against mask wearing. But skeptical of it as a panacea, and it could easily back-fire.

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