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Quebec 1994 - A PQ government for a 2nd referendum

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28th July 1994 - 12th September 1994.

After the crushing victory of the Bloc at the federal election of 1993, Liberals and Pequist are now neck and neck, with the born of a third party named ADQ (Action Democratique du Quebec)

The campain is essentially about sovereignty and the future of Quebec. The Pequist leader (Jacques Parizeau) has made clear he will submit a referendum in the 1st year of his government.

-Can the leader of the PQ finally comes to power?

-Can the Liberals stay at power, after 9 years of Bourassa government and in a whole sovereignist rise?

-Can the new leader of the ADQ, Mario Dumont (formerly Liberal youth president) wins his seat of Rivière du Loup, bringing this new francophone and right-wing formation to power?


-To be released as soon as possible !

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44 minutes ago, TheLiberalKitten said:

I'm so excited! :D

Can I finish you 😛 ?

I brought alternatives :


Jean Charest is also playable on the Liberal side ;)

This light different in % and huge difference in seat is normal because of language's vote in a bipartism system and even today Liberals are doing 80% in anglophone West Island of Montreal and the PQ 14%.

I will maybe solidify electorate and change cash system now 😛

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