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I've added events to Canada 2019

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@admin_270 @Patine this might interest you

I added 4 events

-The blackface story

-The TVA debate and Conservative-Bloc swing

-The Singh revival

-The Progressist call of Trudeau

Here is the result


Without events it gives this


Maybe should I just add more malus to Singh in the campain end (NDP-LPC swing was during the last 3 days).

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2 hours ago, TheLiberalKitten said:


I quite like the result :) it was needed to rebalance the Bloc, the only problem is that it also might advantage the PPC (not in seat but in %)

Last test


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Here is what I can reach with the events, playing the Bloc


The exact same percentage at 0,1% close of the national real result of the Bloc.

Playing the NDP is also more interesting despite the Trudeau progressist call.

Trudeau is also way more threatened in Papineau


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