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Founding Fathers Part Two: Electric Booger Shoe

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1 hour ago, Leuser said:

Seymour will spend personal IP for party support. 

Rolled a 4.  Success!  Party support moves one towards the conservatives.

Party support is now +2 Liberals.  Anything else?

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Everett will make a speech for 0 IP with +1 to the roll, will not boost it if it's too low for a point.

Also, Millard Fillmore has some Ugly Words for the President...

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1 hour ago, mlcorcoran said:

@Actinguy on second thought, if it's a 1 IP spend for the point I'll do it

It is indeed!  Rolled a 4 (+1) on the speech, spent your 1 IP, gave you the popularity point.

As for Ugly Words...



December 20th, 1840 -- the Belmont Hotel

The votes were in, and Americans lined up for blocks to greet and congratulate the most popular man in American history on his successful re-election campaign.  Despite a strong, cold rain, President Crawford -- bundled warmly in a heavy wool coat, and moving with his usual youthful vigor -- remained outside for hours to personally shake each well-wisher's hand.

By 7 PM, the crowd had died down, and Crawford headed back inside to the by-Invitation-only celebratory banquet.  The President's assistant quickly removed the soaked wool coat as the President warmed himself by a fireside table and entertained his campaign staff and those who had high hopes of becoming the next Secretary of this or that.

One unexpected guest was Representative Millard Fillmore, of New York.  Despite their political differences, Fillmore had elected to put partisanship aside and try to latch on to the extremely popular President Crawford, imagining a potential ambassadorship at least for his efforts.

Unfortunately, Fillmore had spent a bit too much time at the bar, waiting for Crawford to finish kissing hands and shaking babies outside.  By the time that Fillmore saw his opening and made his way towards the President, he drunkenly tripped over a bearskin rug and poured his red wine straight down the front of President Crawford's chest.

Though Crawford charmingly laughed off the faux pas, Fillmore immediately departed with a face as red as Crawford's once-white shirt.  

Crawford's assistant stepped forward again with the still-wet wool coat to cover up the red stain on Crawford's shirt.  Crawford initially resisted, then saw the concern on the assistant's face and kindly accepted the coat.

Four weeks later, the re-inauguration ceremony was cancelled and Chief Justice Horace Greeley instead swore the President in for a second term on his death bed.

Three days later, President Crawford passed away from pneumonia.

For his bizarre, inadvertent role in killing the most popular man in American history, clumsy Representative Millard Fillmore becomes the most hated man in America.  His popularity is now negative two -- though he has gained 2 influence with that notoriety.

Vice President Salmon P Chase is sworn in at a solemn, private ceremony.

( @swejie President Crawford dies with a game-high popularity of 31.)

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