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American Imperialism Poll

American Imperialism Poll  

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  1. 1. Which Parts of American Imperialism do you support?

    • The various Indian Wars that expanded the county beyond the original 13 colonies.
    • The Louisiana Purchase
    • The Mexican War
    • The Gadsden Purchase
    • Spanish-American War
    • Philippine War
    • The Banana Wars (intervention and/or occupation of Cuba, Haiti, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Dominican Republican)
    • Intervention in Italian and French just after WWII to prevent Communists from winning elections.
    • Korean War (Imperial Internationalism)
    • Vietnam War (Imperial Internationalism)
    • Use of the CIA and other covert operations to incur a coup d'etat in other countries, generally to topple regimes critical of the US)
    • Invasion and occupation of Iraq, despite no evidence of WMD or a connection to Osama bin Laden
    • Other (List in the comments)
    • I don't support any of these.

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5 minutes ago, Patine said:

Then cut the CIA to purely intelligence gathering (non-violently and non-criminally, where possible) and detecting enemy (and REAL threat, not McCarthyist phantoms) with no operational ability to make coups, assassinations, illegal surveillance on U.S. or allied citizens, "disappearances of inconvenient people," smuggling arms to foreign nations or militias, terrorist-style activities, and blatant political sabotage, much more transparency and all expenditures up for taxpayer scrutiny, and CIA agents who go "rogue" and violate these principals actually tried and punished, with the book thrown at them, and if they abroad, their name, aliases, contacts, havens, etc. given out to all friendly and neutral law-enforcement and them declared a fugitive. I also don't support ABOLISHING the U.S. military - just making it, like Ron Paul (I'm surprised how many times I bring up his name in agreement) said, and like Switzerland, a state-of-the-art and highly advanced, trained, and disciplined professional force designed for defensive (and maybe select international peacekeeping) duty on home ground, with no standing foreign bases or deployment.

I agree with you here. 

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2 minutes ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

My Chinese and Nigerian accents are perfect.

I know two Nigerian-Canadians, and I've known lots of people from China, so I'd be harder to fool than you might think.

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2 hours ago, vcczar said:

I guess one of the things that's a little odd about Republicans or Conservatives that believe in this states is that they often see no problem in using the federal government, including massive spending, in being a force for good and uplifting oppressed people in other countries, but they seem to be often opposed to using the federal government, including massive spending, if equal force is used for people domestically. If it had to be a choice for one or the other it seems like the focus to "forcing good and uplifting people" via the Federal government should be at the citizens that pay the taxes to the Federal Government. 

You make an excellent point which exposes interventionist Republicans.  If the US is going to "free" people around the world and take care of the world's citizens, then they have weak arguments against intervention on the Homefront.

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