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Oh, if only it could be this easy

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Klobuchar won the first four primaries, but Biden made a comeback on Super Tuesday.  Klobuchar maintained her lead through the primaries, but Biden kept it competitive the whole way.  It eventually became clear Biden was trying to force a contested convention where he would make an "electability" argument against Klobuchar despite Klobuchar's higher delegate count.

And he almost pulled it off, too.  He took ALMOST all the way to the finish line.  But then...on the eve of the final primary in Washington DC, where Klobuchar would need 80% of the Democrats vote to finish Biden off...Biden abruptly dropped out, giving 100% of DC's vote and the nomination to Klobuchar.  I guess he heard whispers that he wasn't going to win the contested convention after all.

Klobuchar chose attack dog Julian Castro as her VP, to counter her "Minnesota Nice".  Trump stayed with Pence.

 Klobuchar ends up killing Trump in a 410-128 blowout.  This would be the biggest Democrat win since LBJ beat Goldwater in 1964...almost 60 years ago.

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1 hour ago, RI Democrat said:

How did Klobuchar manage to win Kansas?

I have no idea.  I've never seen a Dem win Iowa and Missouri before in 2020 either.  Or Arizona, for that matter.

I did tweak the files a bit, including dropping Trump's integrity to a zero (but upping his charisma to a 9 or 10)...but I've run dozens of simulations after making that change and Trump still wins 9/10 times.  I've never seen an outcome like this in 2020.

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