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2020 Kasich/Sasse v Warren/Sinema

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This is from the most recent version of the game 3.1.1, I started from the general. However I did a separate play-through for the primaries in which I had turned Trump off, with the narrative that he was being impeached and rather go down swinging he would make a back door deal to drag out and make the impeachment process never pan out in return he doesn't run in 2020.

Kasich would run against a handful of other Republicans(Weld and Walsh still ran, Pence, Paul, Cruz, and Flake also ran) but it would mainly be Kasich, Nikki Haley, and Lindsey Graham that would get delegates. However Kasich won the primary out right and would select Ben Sasse as his running mate. Despite the lack of Trump, and the inclusion of others this would be a generally uninteresting primary. Kasich won Iowa and New Hampshire which set him up for long term success. Haley won South Carolina and placed second in a lot of places on Super Tuesday but she still dropped out after it. Graham only had a notable amount of delegates because he ran late in the race like Kasich did with Trump in 2016, but fared far better off actually picking up a couple surprise wins and nabbing close contests.

Once Trump (in the narrative) dropped out, Joe Biden would follow(turned Biden off). This would set up a interesting primary for the Democrats that went until the convention. Warren, Sanders, Harris, Buttigieg, Booker, O'Rourke, Yang, Castro, Gabbard, and Delaney would all still run. (Hillary Clinton was turned on, but undecided, and would not join the race.) Despite being generally more contested and close than the Republicans, it too was kind of dominated by a small group of candidates, the final three being Warren, Buttigieg, and Harris, and the final four(only noteworthy because only the final four had any serious amount of delegates) would include Sanders. Sanders would drop out early endorsing Warren and giving her about 200 delegates, this would not be enough to get her the nomination out right at the convention, however Harris' delegates would go to Warren and she would end up the nominee. Warren would select Kyrsten Sinema as her running mate.

Once it got to the general things went perhaps how you might expect, save for Texas and the popular vote. I imagine from election day to inauguration day there would be a shit storm of tweets from President Trump, but maybe that'd be expected regardless of who won. Maybe Trump would try to end the electoral college with what little time he had left in office. 

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