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Libertarian primaries

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Only 11 states have Libertarian primaries, two of them after the convention. The rest are closed caucuses. I suppose you have to have all 50 primaries/caucuses the way the game is set up, but since the candidate is not chosen at all until the convention, I put all the primaries and the convention in the same week, for states without primaries. It definitely is not spread out the way the D and R primaries are.

These are the 2020 dates

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In my personal 2016 scenario, I had all the real delegate allocations for states, and although the Libertarian primaries are non binding there’s no way to make a state hold a final primary later on, so I put them as early primaries. Every state without a primary was held on convention day proportionally to simulate state delegations voting. I didn’t do the post-convention primaries though - I’m not certain the game wouldn’t crash if that happened. 

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