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Can we still adjust percentages?

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Tried to edit the official 2020 campaign to update it with recent polling...but it was going to take a while to update all of those polls manually.  

Saw a switch available to get rid of individual polls and just go with the overall percentage listed in the region tab.  I clicked that...but couldn't find anything in the region tab or anywhere else to let us set each candidate's percentage of support either nationally or each individual state, even though I know this used to be an option.

This is especially problematic, as the primaries set undecideds at more than 50% even the day before a primary, removing all strategy from the game and just leaving it to chance.  I'd like to fix this myself, but can no longer find the option to do so.

And I'm just not seeing it?  Or is it really gone -- and if it's gone, can it come back?


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It's still there. Regions > select region > Parties tab > select Party > Leader section > select leader > set Percentage Total.

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