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good afternoon, I do not want to repeat more than I should, but I've been trying to get in touch with the admin of this forum, some time ago I asked for this forum information about the game, I saw some video on YouTube and I liked the idea, I even offered  my help for translations since I am not English, in the end I decided to buy it seeing that the developer gave option to a refund if I did not like the game, for that reason that I bought his game, and the truth that I did not like, what  I saw difficult to control and it was not the way I imagined it, it was quite messy, I tried some campaign modification but this was a disaster at the time of the vote count.  So try to contact me by mail with the admin and also the forum, but I see myself as a victim of their indifference and I hope you will respond soon to my messages as I would like to solve this problem as soon as possible.  I apologize if I have bothered someone, or if they do not understand my reasons why I ask for this refund, I just did not like it if there was a demo to try or something I would not have had to buy it.  a hug to the forum and I hope the admin helps me thanks.

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1 hour ago, admin_270 said:


I have an e-mail from you regarding this dated May 8th. It is the in queue, and will be responded to shortly.


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