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Creepy Calendar Observarnce Convergance Coincidences

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This year, we have already had two disturbing coincidental occurrences where a floating calendar observance has coincided on the same day with a fixed calendar observance where the two are of ill-omen in crossing. The first, last Monday, the North Korean Day of the Sun (fixed), the (probably arbitrarily declared) birthday of the nation's founder Kim Il-sung (Kim Jong-un's grandfather), and one of the three biggest holidays in the country, has coincided the U.S. Patriots Day (floating), a day especially espoused by American Nationalists and Libertarians as commemorating a "Birth of Freedom" event. Now, today, the First Day of Passover (floating, at least on the Gregorian Calendar) a VERY important and central Jewish religious observance, has coincided with Hitler's Birthday (fixed) a statutory of the Third Reich, and still observed by many White Supremacist, Aryan, and Neo-Nazi groups today. While I believe that heeding "astrological omens" is not my cup of tea, it's still notable and a bit disturbing, although maybe I'm reading too much into it.

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