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The 1964 Campaign

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Hello folks. I've decided to do an alternative history run; What if Kennedy had survived his assassination? I'll be playing Eugene McCarthy, representing more progressive democrats disaffected by Kennedy, his escalation in Vietnam, as well as some of his more conservative economic policies.

 The state of the race as of January 1st

Democratic Party:

Kennedy, 60.2% 5,180

Wallace 18.2% 114

(me)McCarthy 1.5% 107

Republican Party:

Goldwater 27.4% 1,388

Rockefeller 22.4% 460

Scranton 15.8% 89

Smith 6.2% 132

Lodge Jr. 4.7% 103

Bush 1.5% 28

Stassen 2.2% 86


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22 days before the New Hampshire primary Eugene McCarthy has been able to rally a coalition and actually has a shot at winning the primary, whilst George Wallace's support has trickled away.

State of the race February 17th

Dem Primary

John Kennedy 73.7%  5,392 

George Wallace 17.4%  35

(me)Gene McCarthy 3.1%  107

Rep Primary

Goldwater 26.7%  1,233

Rockefeller 23.9%  644

Scranton 17.4%  72

Smith 8.2% 132

Lodge Jr. 7.8% 91

Bush 4.3% 28

Stassen 3.9% 86

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