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2020 Campaign as Hillary Clinton

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I wanted to see what it was like to run as Hillary in 2020. Answer: Hard, especially at the beginning.

After a loss in Iowa to Elizabeth Warren, Hillary managed to snag victories in New Hampshire and Nevada to propel the campaign forward. 
April 1st, 2020 is the current date and Biden leads with about 1100 delegates, followed by Clinton with 950.

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The campaign is winding down and it looks like the convention will be a bloodbath.

Hillary Clinton stands in the lead at 1,298 Delegates

Joe Biden second with 932 Delegates

Bernie Sanders third with 555 Delegates

Kamala Harris fourth with 550 Delegates

Elizabeth Warren fifth with 409 Delegates

Kirsten Gillibrand sixth with 352 Delegates

Cory Booker seventh with 321 Delegates

Beto O'Rourke eighth with 236 Delegates

Amy Klobuchar ninth with 112 Delegates

All have over 100 and could impact who stands at the top by the end.

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Contested Convention

Amy Klobuchar's delegates went to Harris

Beto O'Rourke's went to Booker

Gillibrand's went to Sanders

Warren's went to Booker

Harris endorsed Booker as well

Leaving the field at Biden, Sanders, Clinton and Booker.

Biden became the first one to endorse the party's popular and delegate victor, Hillary Clinton. Their two's numbers together were not enough to stop Sanders from endorsing Booker and thus gaining the Booker/Sanders ticket. I didn't play on from there. (2560 Booker (or so) to 2201 Clinton)

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