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120th Anniversary of Wilmington Insurrection

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Today is the 120th anniversary of the Wilmington Insurrection, when hard-right White supremacists briefly took de facto control of the government of Wilmington, North Carolina in protest of the very fact of African-Americans have legally recognized citizenship, voting rights, individual rights, and theoretical equal protection under the law, a state of affairs the insurgents, led by the so-called "Secret Nine" found intolerable. Now, even though this was 120 years, before any human being living today in the world was born, could this kind of incident happen again. After the Charlottesburg riotsĀ and certain groups like the "alt-right" and other such movements having risen to greater prominence and boldness (which, even though Trump does not even seem to be a direct member, it is a definite case that alt-right leaders such as Bannon rallied up votes and support for him, regardless, and David Duke openly endorsed himĀ - an endorsement he refused to refute, or even really acknowledge), I'm not so sure this type of event could not happen in the modern United States.

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"could this kind of incident happen again"

In the future of the universe? Maybe. Near-term in the U.S.? Seems pretty improbable.

Note that Trump disavowed Duke's endorsement.


A 2 minute google search could have revealed that before posting this kind of incendiary rhetoric.

This thread is OT, so you're welcome to reply but then it probably will be locked.

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