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Each Election if the Frontrunners were the nominees

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Here's each election if the original frontunner was the nominee. Asterisks denote if different from what happened. 

1788: Washington vs. no one

1792: Washington vs. no one

1796: Adams vs. Jefferson

1800: Adams vs. Jefferson

1804: Pinckney vs. Jefferson

1808: Pinckney vs. Madison

1812: Clinton vs. Madison

1816: King vs. Monroe

1820: no one vs. Monroe

*1824: no one vs. Crawford

1828: Adams vs. Jackson

1832: Clay vs. Jackson

1836: Several Whigs vs. Van Buren

*1840: Clay vs. Van Buren

*1844: Clay vs. Van Buren

*1848: Clay vs. Cass

*1852: Fillmore vs. Cass

*1856: Banks vs. Buchanan

*1860: Seward vs. Douglas

1864: Lincoln vs. McClellan

*1868: Grant vs. Pendleton

1872: Grant vs. Greeley

*1876: Blaine vs. Tilden

*1880: Grant vs. Hancock

1884: Blaine vs. Cleveland

*1888: Sherman vs. Cleveland

1892: Harrison vs. Cleveland

*1896: McKinley vs. Bland

1900: McKinley vs. Bryan

1904: Roosevelt vs. Parker

1908: Taft vs. Bryan

*1912: Taft vs. Clark

1916: Hughes vs. Wilson

*1920: Roosevelt (died before primaries) vs. McAdoo 

*1924: Coolidge vs. McAdoo

1928: Hoover vs. Smith

1932: Hoover vs. Roosevelt

1936: Landon vs. Roosevelt

*1940: Dewey vs. Roosevelt

1944: Dewey vs. Roosevelt

1948: Dewey vs. Truman

*1952: Taft vs. Kefauver

1956: Eisenhower vs. Stevenson

*1960: Nixon vs. Symington

*1964: Rockefeller vs. Kennedy (died before primaries)

*1968: Nixon vs. Johnson

*1972: Nixon vs. Humphrey

*1976: Ford vs. Udall

1980: Reagan vs. Carter

1984: Reagan vs. Mondale (Kennedy polled better but wasn't interested)

*1988: Bush vs. Hart (Cuomo had been in the polls but wasn't interested)

*1992: Bush vs. Tsongas (Cuomo again polled better but wasn't interested)

1996: Dole vs. Clinton

2000: Bush vs. Gore

*2004: Bush vs. Dean

*2008: Giuliani vs. Clinton

2012: Romney vs. Obama

*2016: Bush vs. Clinton (Biden polled higher but wasn't interested)

?2020: Trump vs. Biden 

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