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2015- The Right Brother (as the Greens)

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This perhaps could be one of the closest split results in UK politics. The results were...

image.png.4df31dba0ec3fb011fccf75ab4b9f25b.pngimage.png.2eaf37d23d3230803d5be0e56ac3b2a8.pngimage.png.3e682fec3eac15e8f6eee11b21f016c5.pngimage.png.464e771a80f62ceb1bc312b9a56dc6d5.pngIf you live in Brighton, Pavilion, Bristol W., Bath, Portsmouth S., Isle of Wight, Norwich S., Bristol S., Sheffield C., Holborn and St Pancras welcome your new Green MPs! :) 

Miliband nor Cameron reached out to anyone. Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Greens formed a bloc together to assure a majority if one of us would be approached. 

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