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1. Can the computer beat masses of footsoldiers? For example, if I put two or three in every battleground state, like Ohio and Florida, and play decently with ads and such, is there any way to lose? If this is an easy win, how do I prevent it? And what if I am playing another human - is the strategy just to equal his footsoliders everywhere? In the few games I've played it seems like this strategy will not work, but a friend told me it is a good plan.

2. I don't understand Regionalism on vs Regionalism off. With it on, every state cares about its own issues, right? What does this affect? My popularity, I guess, but does it also affect how successful my speeches are? For example, if I give a left-wing speech on energy, and the state is left-wing on energy, will I get bonus points with that state?

With regionalism off I have no idea what's up. Does my platform affect anything other than random bonuses?

3. I also don't get the effects of spinning stories, or running ads, or barnstorming vs. policy speeches, or scandals. I see "Spin +-" or "Spin -1," but I'm not sure what that does to my chances of winning. Any explanation would be great.

Thanks everyone. This seems like a really fun game. With some tune-ups and some pitching I'd imagine it could be published like Political Machine.

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foot soldiers and crusaders do help. Although I have had 5 foot soldiers in a state and still lose. (on the other hand, have overcome double digit leads on the last day in states like Illinois with no FS and having never visited)

Spin - looks like this helps your momentum (or hurts your opponent by spinning their negative stories). I've noticed a lot of their states turn to a tie or my way after spinning some negative stories.

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