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2020 Campaign if Trump doesn't run

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(Some of this is completely inaccurate. Just bear with me here.)

In the first landslide of the century, Biden has defeated Kasich by 12% in the popular vote, and has won 415-123. Kasich was defeated in Texas, which was the death knell of his campaign. A 4% win for Biden in Texas perhaps shows bigger things on the horizon for Democrats in the South. A 6% win and a massive ad campaign by Democrats in Alabama paid off as it went Democrat too.

Perhaps a dislike of Kasich by Republicans contributed to his downfall, getting a 27-point beatdown in Michigan, which went Trump just 4 years before. Perhaps this sounds the alarm of the Republican Party's utter defeat in California. Even split in two, both Democratic parties would've beaten the Republicans. 69% to 29% there in California. Democrats picked up Arizona, likely because of a strong Libertarian and Green turnout there, combined the third parties got 12.4% there. 

We're signing off here, and we can now predict Biden is the next President of the United States! Gillibrand has become VP of the US as well.

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Maybe because Blackburn won't be senator because she'll get beat by a Democrat in 2018, creating false pretense leading to a huge scandal within the GOP ticket. 

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