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Undeclared Candidate Vote Share Oddities

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2016 primaries democratic, playing as Sanders, results from a few different games.

- Biden got the same vote share in percentages as Clinton but never entered the race (very odd).
- I have 49.5% of the vote before the election. Clinton at 19%, Biden at 14%, Warren at 7% before the election in New Hampshire. Clinton wins with 50.5% of the vote. All of the undeclared candidate votes go to Clinton?! It does not make sense, as she is at -12 momentum and suffering scandals, while I'm at 15 CP per day from positive momentum. If I knew this was how the vote share system worked I would've played with more candidates off.
- Another game, O'Malley has 60% of the vote in Nevada and New Hampshire (I did nothing but be passive and positive spin for O'Malley), I got his endorsement, and ALL of his voters go to Clinton (basically learned never bother with endorsements from other candidates).
- For some reason all the undeclared candidates (except Biden who I helped once) hate me even though I haven't spun a single article against them...? I thought relations start at normal?

- Is there a guide for how policy speeches work? I can't figure them out, seems to never be worth it.
- It seems like advertisement affects momentum but it doesn't seem to be so clearcut, is there a guide how momentum works and how it affects vote share? I have +20-+30 in MA for 30 days and yet my vote share only creeps up slowly. I see my vote share drop randomly when my momentum is always >10 and Clinton's is almost always negative.
- AI will spend itself to bankruptcy in advertisements way before they are effective, Clinton spent 140 million and was bankrupt before the elections started.

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Re voter flow, difficult to say without knowing your platform relative to the other candidates.

Re relations, are you running ads against them? Are parts of your campaign theme against them? Are you making policy speeches against them? Barnstorming against them?

Re momentum, you need + momentum combined with - momentum for another candidate, typically.

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