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As Michael Bloomberg, I grabbed Hillary Clinton's endorsement (who had 52.3% of the primary vote) at a point of high momentum for me, with the percentages looking like this:

Republicans: 43.8

Democrats: 38.7

Bloomberg: 11

The split was 256 (D) - 10 (?) - 272 (R) in the electoral college.

I got Clinton's endorsement, and 2 turns later it looked like:

Republicans: 56.7 (+12.9)

Democrats: 27.4 (-11.3)

Bloomberg: 12.3 (+1.3)

6 (D) - 532 (R)

It appears that the Clinton endorsement went to the Republicans.

More information will be given if needed.

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You are saying you got Clinton's endorsement in the primaries, and then most of her vote went to the Republicans?

This doesn't sound like an error, it's rather an unusual situation where it's not clear what should happen.

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1 minute ago, admin_270 said:

In real life, if the front-runner in the Dem primaries endorsed an independent, what would happen? I don't know.

William Jennings Bryan, in 1896 and 1900, was the Populist Party Candidate, who ALSO was nominated, in both cases, by the Democratic Party, and Horace Greeley, the Liberal Republican Party Candidate, was also formally nominated by the Democratic Party in 1876, as similar, though admittedly, different examples.

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