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2048 Hypothetical Future Scenarios Revisited

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Republic of Scotland:

-Scottish People's National Party: Much more sharply left-leaning members of the original SNP merged with the Scottish Labour Party (except the hard British Unionists within that former party), RISE, and the Scottish branch of the TUSC, it is the main post-independence left-wing party.

-Scottish Heritage National Party: Mostly formed from the socially-right-wing cabal within the SNP, merged with the Scottish Conservative Party (except the hard British Unionists within that former party), the Scottish Christian Party, the Christian People's Party, the Free Scotland Party, the Scottish Democratic Alliance, Scottish Voice, and part of the Libertarian Party of Scotland, is the main post-independence right-wing party.

-Home Ground Party: Former members of the SNP without sharp ideological extreme platforms merged with the Scottish Liberal Democratic Party (except the hard British Unionists within that former party) and many member of the Libertarian Party of Scotland who did not join the SHNP, as well as a number of small and special interest parties, and is mostly centrist, but greatly promotes citizens' rights and property.

-Highlands and Islands Party: A party devoted to advocacy and promoting the interests of the Highlands, Orkney, and Shetland regions.

-Scottish Workers' Advocate Party: A further left but smaller party being a merger of the Solidarity Party of Scotland and the former Scottish branches of the Communist Party of Britain and the Socialist Equality Party of the UK.

-Scottish Jacobite Party: Not the same party as briefly existed between 2005 and 2008, but an actual monarchist party desiring to have a constitutional monarchy with one of the legitimate Jacobite heirs on the throne in Aberdeen Castle. A small party with limited support.

-Reunionist Party: Made up of members of the former A Better Britain - Unionist Party and hard Unionists in the former Scottish Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democratic Parties and non-Scottish Britons who remained, for one reason or another, north of the border after independence, that is pushing for a political reunion with the United Kingdom of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

-Scottish Green Party: The Scottish affiliate of the Global Greens.

The Celtic Nation Alliance also exists here, but as a pressure group, not a formal party, lobbying and encouraging parties and candidates to offer more support to the other five Celtic Nations and their independence or liberation struggles.

I have also made a few corrections and additions in some of the areas above, specifically in the Western North American Federation, Republic of Quebec, and United Kingdom of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland entries.

More to come. As always, comments and constructive criticism is always welcome.

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5 hours ago, Thunder said:

@Patine For the rump US you might want to add an Acadian party active in northern Maine.

That is a possibility. Certainly, that is mentioned as an area claimed by the party as part of the "historical Acadia."

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