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PI strategy/mechanics thread

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So I've tried a bunch of playthroughs (more than half of them losses in the 2016 primaries as Sanders 😜). Things I've learned so far (please let me know if I'm off base on any of these) in the year I've had the game (I've had CI and PM:UK, though haven't played enough of either yet; I hope to play CI a lot leading up to midterms, though there are fewer custom scenarios):

• Choosing where to build campaign infrastructure and add ground troops is a fascinating meta-game. There's no way to 'win' it since it seems the computer adjusts to your behavior (I didn't know this early on, this is very awesome).

• Early on for most candidates, you want to add control points, do debate prep and improve issue knowledge.

• Depending on the perks, you might want to pursue major endorsers early (BTW I think there is an error in the HSC campaign - if you get Kerry's endorsement, you get 1.0 ground troops in every state, when other major endorsers are 0.1 or 0.3, including Obama and Biden).

• It seems there's a lot of value in barnstorming and rallies. Barnstorming you get more for half the points, so you have twice as many opportunities to find insights, though because they're smaller crowds, less likely to shift momentum or get a mention in newspapers. It also seems if you're oversaturated, can negatively impact momentum.

• I've made some changes on my platform that help bring my candidates of choice closer to the voters in a given state, but you get punished a ton for flip-flopping. My understanding is that this is probably a mechanism for triangulating before/during the general, rather than changing before the primaries.

There are some things I'm wondering about though:

1) Ads. Is there any smart strategy here? I've tried a few different things:

• Making ads in my three 'themes' (I usually choose two policy, and one attack) each week, creating them, playing them nationally (I've mostly used web ads since they're cheaper).

• Making ads every week (still doing three), but saving the ones that are highly successful closer to the vote.

I also haven't really done much with insights.

2) Research. I haven't tried the insights option, I've mostly researched scandals. Haven't gotten any major scandals (usually they're minor or moderate), though they do seem to hurt other candidates. They haven't been game-changers for me in primaries, but I think that's because I play weekly turns, and by the time it gets to states voting, it's out of the news.

3) Policy Speeches. These never seem to be noteworthy for me. I try a handful each game, and none of them ever make the news really. Is there any strategy for using them? I'm assuming it helps if you're in theme and if the issue is very important in the state you're visiting, but I haven't been successful.

4) Barnstorming/Rallies. I understand these mostly, but how many do you guys think makes sense in a week? I generally will schedule one or two a day, for 3-4 days a week early on, and closer to primaries, will do 2 or 3 a day (and head back to the home state to rest for one or two days to prevent energy points from getting too low). I've done 3 rallies and multiple barnstorm evens sometimes late in general elections.

I think that's everything. Fundraising is pretty straightforward (I haven't really had the need in primaries or general elections, which leads me to believe I'm not using ads anywhere near as much as I should). I haven't really used surrogates too much (seems like they take more time/resources than they're worth), but maybe they help more than I think.

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On 6/15/2018 at 2:43 PM, pilight said:

As far as research goes, state level scandals tend to last longer and be more effective than national ones

Wow I actually had no clue you could research state-level scandals. Going to try that out, thanks. Mitigates the need to go from 1 week turns to 1 day turns in the primary to release the scandals and keep them relevant.

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