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Trump Pardon Poll

Trump Pardon Poll  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Does Trump have the right to pardon himself?

  2. 2. If Trump pardons himself will it cause a Constitutional Crisis?

    • Yes, we aren't a democracy if a President can pardon himself.
    • No, Presidents have special powers, and it should stay that way.
  3. 3. If Trump pardons himself would your opinion of him decrease?

    • No, it would increase.
    • Yes, but I would still favor him as a president, and support him for another term over a Democrat.
    • Yes, but I would hope he would not run for reelection or that a Republican challenges him. If renominated, I would support Trump, reluctantly.
    • Yes, and while I supported Trump in 2016 and/or during his presidency, I will not support him if he pardons himself.
    • No, because my opinion of him can't be any lower.
    • Yes, and I didn't view him favorably or support him before he pardoned himself.

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