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13 minutes ago, Conservative Elector 2 said:

The Conservative Party believes that continuity is the key to rebuilding the country in a prosperous way and therefore we are endorsing Sconlair Marlborough for reelection.

The Sconlair thanks the Conservative Party for their endorsement and looks forward to working together to move past the crisis of the last decade.

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Election of June 1494 AD Results


Cassius Augustus Marlborough / Theodore Abner (Growth): 100%


Decisions for the 11th Sconlair, Cassius Augustus Marlborough @FrancisXKennedy


Decision 1#: While you have made peace, the food crisis is bigger than ever. However, now that your warriors no longer have to deal with rebellion, how will you arrange it so people don't die of starvation?

Decision 2#: The economy is still broken; are you going to wait it out, repeal more laws, or implement new ideas?

Decision 3#: N/A

Remember to add/change 3 of your own policies after making these decisions!

Special Event: N/A


Electoral Makeup

Electoral System: Council; Sixteen Members are apart of this council, with elections every 5 years. Three are solely from the rural region.


Population Values

Independent: 37%

Nativist: 0%

Traditional: 15%

Conservative: 17%

Growth: 31%


Council (1489-1494)

Independent: 6 [-1]

Growth: 6 [0] (Richard Brown and five others)

Conservative: 0 [0]

Traditional: 1 [+1]

Nativist: 0 [0]

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15 hours ago, Kingthero said:

If he isn't back by June 19th I'll continue this.


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I doubt there is enough interest to continue this; it was a nice idea, but seemed to get repetitive very quickly.

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