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Presidential Campaign Poll

Presidential Campaign Poll  

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  1. 1. Would you do the following in your hypothetical presidential campaign? [Based off Allan Lichtman's advise for presidential campaigns]

    • Fire the hucksters, tear up the script, and stick to speaking from the heart, articulately and clearly about your ideas for governing the country.
    • Concentrate on the substance of the issues
    • Don't play it safe. Avoid shying away from hard issues and proposing new ideas by confronting them head-on
    • Don't hide from ideology, rather express it, since bold ideas bring people to the polls, and not a coalition of compromised ideas.
    • Take the high road, rather than bash your opponent
    • Pick the best candidate available for the number two slot (VP nominee)
    • Avoid cross-country marathon campaigning, and give more time to instant communication (social media, TV, etc.) This is more humane to the campaigner, the team, and the public
  2. 2. Do you think following Lichtman's seven points would increase a candidate's odds of winning an election?

  3. 3. Who do you think followed most of these 7 points in 2016? Trump or Clinton?

    • Trump
    • Clinton
    • They both followed about the same number.

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Earlier I made a poll based off of an Allan Lichtman book. Here is another one. 

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