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5 hours ago, Hestia11 said:

I'd say that in general, it's fit closer to modern day than you'd think. Both the Liberals and Conservatives are close to the center on most issues.

Social issues are to the left of normal, with both agreeing broadly on anti-discrimination legislation. Though this was much more apparent in the 1840s-1890s. 

Military I'd say has shifted to the right of center, with Liberals taking hawkish stances as well as the Conservatives. 

Economy is a fairly divided issue, but not an altogether divisive one. 

Foreign politics is much different. Monarchies are largely still in existence in Europe, and WW2 was largely skirted because WW1 and other events went differently than in our timeline. If you make a little mistake, it won't be that big a deal, we'll help you get on track.

Currently there are 3 major parties, the Conservatives, Liberals, and Socialists. Socialists are largely kept to congressional races, but they've been close before to making it into round 2. There is 1 minor party in the Libertarians, who has not really broken through yet. 

My best advice would be to read the past like 6-10 pages to get a good feel of how history has been altered. It's not that bad a read as you'd think :)

Hope that helped! 

Racial issues are to the left while Social Issues are to the right.

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National Strength: We rank 2nd in the list of the top 10 countries: Russia, United States, Germany, China, France, Great Britain, Mexico, Austria, Sweden, Spain.

Military Strength: Our professional army is 80,000 men and 75 ships, with a reserve army of 120,000 men solely for defense. We have naval bases in Hawaii, Cuba, Panama, St. Pierre and Miquelon, American Polynesia, and Japan.

Foreign Affairs: Russia and China have a super alliance, same with League of Nations and American Alliances. For reference, Russian borders are pre-our timeline-WW1 Russian borders plus Eastern Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, and Western Iran, and Chinese expand all the way to border Russia through owning East Iran.

Military: Our military is semi-active. Some of our military is in Pacific Bases, while others are static. Our navies are planning to deal with pirates.

Economy: The economy enters a rough patch, and begins a decline.

Trade: Trade remains stable.

Budget: Our budget is currently unbalanced, but it has no debt. Our budget consists of the income of 45% taxes 45% tariff , and 10% overseas territories/canals, and the expenditure of 65% military 15% gov. upkeep 20% infrastructure and 10% deficit growth. (SD: 25)

Social Harmony: The country is united against a possible threat.

Immigration: Immigration levels slow the rapid exponential growth, however the huge influx of immigration has led to housing shortages and high unemployment.

Mood of the people: People are beginning to prepare for a doomsday scenario, both militarily and economically.

Party Power: Conservatives lose the House and Senate majorities, though most of the defects went to the new Libertarian party which may support Conservative policies.

President Popularity: The President is average with a 48% approval rating, however a 42% disapproval rating.




Liberals 49/104 Senate 35% US Rep

Conservatives 51/104 Senate 46% US Rep

Socialists 3/104 Senate 15% US Rep

Libertarians 1/104 Senate 4% US Rep


State of Affairs



The Alliance will be chaired in D.C. with meetings around the world in other capitals. The United States will be the primary leader as the largest power and will lead discussion while the other 7 nations will of course provide their own input on the strategy to combat Russia and China. We propose that an "iron curtain" descend like a defense line along the Euro-Russian barrier. Major support will go to Romania, Austria, and Germany. We want to focus on lining this border with bases and defensive fortifications. We also want to collaborate on military technology which the powers absolutely need to share. Japan, Australia, and Indonesia will do much the same navally for the Chinese. This grand and Global alliance is hereby commissioned and the US is interested in what the delegates want. We obviously want a trade deal, particularly arms deals between our nations perhaps with special conditions for Sweden in order to sweeten the pot. At this point, we have let Russia and China expand for too long, the next move they make is when we must move in.

Romania was already annexed.




The Ottomans will hold out until the odds kill them; it is doubtful they will save themselves.


Generals are debating what defensive structures should be used: Utilize Japan's trench technique, use obstructions, use towers, use walls, etc.


Trade deal isn't happening, but trade increased anyway due to mutual interests.


Sweden has officially joined the alliance, making their final allegiance.


Chinese has begun massive diplomatic efforts with Indonesia, and have somehow miraculously formed a military alliance with Indonesia. We do not know what was promised, but there is serious speculation China plans to use Indonesia as a successful puppet government to own Pacific territory.


Sweden has a hard time building defenses due to lack of technological and adviser help.


Germany has a hard time building defenses due to lack of cooperation with allies.


The Austrian Confederacy has officially re-united into one solid military, meaning the territory may as well be considered united for the time being. Following this, multiple "bunkers" were carved into the Carpathian mountains facing Russia.


Now that Serbia borders Russia, they successfully rushed to improve defenses they originally had against the Ottomans to face the Russian threat.


News from the Ottomans show that they have slowed the Russian approach, and have no immediate emergencies.


In response to the current events, independents and third parties have gained reasonable prominence over certain seats in state assemblies. While too minimal to make a huge difference, this shows a possible multi-partisan trend in the future.


After the President responds to these events, the next election will be called.



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