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My Presidential Cabinet

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I've already posted one or two different potential cabinets on here but here are the first people I would offer each spot in my Cabinet if I were elected President in 2020 (the names in parentheses are my next 3 alternatives, in no particular order):

Secretary of State: Fmr. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Nikki Haley, Russ Feingold, Wendy Sherman)

Secretary of Treasury: Fmr. Sec. of Labor Robert Reich (Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman, Ursula Burns)

Secretary of Defense: Fmr. Sec. of the Army Eric Fanning (Wesley Clark, Michele Flournoy, Russ Feingold)

Attorney General: Fmr. Gov. Deval Patrick (Kamala Harris, Martin O'Malley, Jennifer Granholm)

Secretary of the Interior: Gov. John Hickenlooper (Tom Udall, Blanche Lincoln, Raul Grijalva)

Secretary of Agriculture: Fmr. Sen. Blanche Lincoln (Tom Udall, John W. Boyd Jr., Jim Hightower)

Secretary of Commerce: Chairman of VEON Ursula Burns (Jon Huntsman, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman)

Secretary of Labor: Rep. Keith Ellison (Jeff Merkley, Cornel West, Randi Weingarten)

Secretary of Health and Human Services: former healthcare policy adviser to President Obama Neera Tanden (Raul Grijalva, Alan Grayson, Jeff Merkley)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Mayor Andrew Gillum (Marty Walsh, Kasim Reed, Annise Parker)

Secretary of Transportation: Gov. Charlie Baker (Marty Walsh, Annise Parker, Alan Grayson)

Secretary of Energy: Fmr. EPA Administrator Carol Browner (Ed Markey, Jennifer Granholm, Bill McKibben)

Secretary of Education: American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten (Raul Grijalva, Michelle Obama, Jeff Merkley)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Fmr. Sen. Jim Webb (Tulsi Gabbard, Scott Brown, Seth Moulton)

Secretary of Homeland Security: Fmr. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman (Tony Blinken, Wesley Clark, Michele Flournoy)


White House Chief of Staff: Fmr. First Lady Michelle Obama (Jeff Weaver, Bakari Sellers, Marty Walsh)

Trade Representative: President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs Theo Epstein (Jon Huntsman, Tony Blinken, Paul Krugman)

Director of National Intelligence: Fmr. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy (Tony Blinken, James Stavridis, Wesley Clark)

Ambassador to the U.N.: Amb. Jon Huntsman (Tony Blinken, Russ Feingold, James Stavridis)

Director of the Office of Management and Budget: Letitia James (Barney Frank, John Yarmuth, Sanford Bishop)

Director of the CIA: Fmr. Sec. of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson (Tony Blinken, James Stavridis, Jennifer Granholm)

Administrator of the EPA: environmentalist Bill McKibben (Ed Markey, Raul Grijalva, Jim Hightower)

Administrator of the Small Business Administration: businessman Ben Cohen (Barney Frank, Alan Grayson, Mary Landrieu)

National Security Advisor: Gen. Wesley Clark (Thomas Donilon, Nikki Haley, James Stavridis)

Economic Advisers: Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman, and Gene Sperling

Senior Advisors to the President: Jerry Brown, Tony Blinken, and Jeff Weaver


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