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Political Fantasy League: Season 2 update

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As some of you know, I run a Political Fantasy League for 270Soft forum members only. It runs similar to Fantasy Football. I'll try to post results every 10 weeks or so. Here is how the league is shaping up after 10 weeks, with my notes:

Sunny: 435 pts 1st place @Sunnymentoaddict

Sen.  ShBrown 50 pts 

Sen. Sasse 30 pts 

Rep: Schiff 80 pts 

Rep. Issa 15 pts 

Pres. Trump 215 pts 

Backups: Mr. Bannon, Sen. Murphy, Sen. Merkley

[My notes on Sunny's team: Trump has been carrying this team with 215 points. However, he is greatly helped by Schiff who is scoring as much as a Senator should. Brown and Sasse have underperformed. Issa should be benched or dropped for a more vocal Rep, while Sasse should probably be benched for Merkley or Murphy.]

Caleb: 425 pts 2nd place, tied @CalebsParadox

Sen. Cruz 75 pts 

Sen. Gillibrand 95 pts 

Speaker PRyan 135 pts 

Rep. McMorris-Rodgers 45 pts 

NSA Adv. McMaster 30 pts 

Backups: Sen. Lee, ChStaff Kelly, Sen. Feinstein

[My notes on Caleb's team: Caleb has a very solid team; however, McMaster has greatly underperformed, and should probably be benched for ChStaff Kelly, or by a free agent.]

JViking: 425 pts 2nd place, tied @jvikings1

Sen. Paul 75 pts 

Sen. Cotton 60 pts 

Rep: Pelosi 140 pts 

Rep. Amash 40 pts 

Sec.  Mnuchin 70 pts 

Backups: ChJ Roberts, Sen. Grassley, Rep. Lieu

[My notes on JViking's team: Another solid team. Pelosi carries a lot of the weight. Cotton has been slightly underperforming, as has Amash.]

Sandy: 420 pts 4th place @Sandy

Sen. McCain 75 pts 

Sen. KHarris 150 pts 

Rep: Meadows 65 pts 

Rep. Blackburn 40 pts 

DNCchair Perez 65 pts 

Backups: Sen. Duckworth, Sen. Portman, Gov. Sandoval

[My notes on Sandy's team: This team is stronger than a 4th place team. In fact, it was in 2nd place last week. Sen. Harris is one of the top scorers in the league. Only Rep. Blackburn is underperforming.]

NYRep: 415 pts 5th place @NYrepublican

Sen. Warren 115 pts 

Sen. Rubio 65 pts 

Rep: Scalise 60 pts 

Rep. Kennedy III 110 pts 

Mr. Mueller 65 pts 

Backups: Sen. AKing, Gov. Cuomo, Rep. PKing

[My notes on NYRep's team: A strong team, with a pair of strong US Reps. Sen. Rubio is strangely underperforming.]

Reagan: 410 pts 6th place @Reagan04

Sen. Warner 80 pts 

Sen. Durbin 115 pts 

Rep: McCarthy 95 pts 

Rep. Cummings 15 pts (0

Att. Gen. Sessions 105 pts 

Backups: Sen. Cornyn, Gov. JBrown, Sen. Thune

[My notes on Reagan's team: Everyone on this team is performing very well. Rep. Cumming is sinking this team. Reagan should probably trade one of his Senators for a US Rep that is starting or is a backup on a team. Additionally, a free agent might work.]

JNewt: 380 pts 7th place @jnewt

Sen. McConnell 110 pts 

Sen. Booker 105 pts 

Rep. Gabbard 55 pts 

Rep. O'Rourke 50 pts 

Mr. Kushner 55 pts (

Backups: Sen. Klobuchar, Fmr Sec. HClinton, Rep. SKing

[My notes on JNewt's Team: This team is scoring as expected; although, McConnell should be scoring more points than he is. Kushner has been underperforming, and should probably be replaced by another non-Sen/non-Rep. Although, Clinton might not be a good replacement. Perhaps a trade for someone else's backup of this position is in order?]

Conservative: 345 pts 8th place, tied @Conservative Elector 2

Sen. Schumer 145 pts 

Sen. Blunt 65 pts 

Rep. Gowdy 40 pts 

Rep. Wasserman-Schultz 35 pts 

Sec. Tillerson 70 pts 

Backups: Sen. Kaine, Rep. Labrador, UN Amb. Haley

[My notes on Conservative's Team: Schumer is carrying the team. Aside from Tillerson, the rest of the team is underperforming. Wasserman-Schultz should probably be benched.]

VCCZar: 345 pts 8th place, tied @vcczar

Sen. Graham 85 pts 

Sen. Flake 135 pts 

Rep: Sinema 25 pts (5-election rumors

Rep. AGreen 20 pts (5-immigration

Sec. Mattis 60 pts (10-north korea, tariff

Backups: Fmr Pres. Obama, Sen. PMurray, Rep. Moulton (20 pts)

[My notes on my own team: Flake is my strongest player by far. I've been periodically benching my US Reps. I should consider trading or replacing a US Rep in free agency. Mattis is also underperforming, but benching Mattis for Obama might be risky right now.]

SirLags: 345 pts 10th place @SirLagsalott

Sen. Burr 80 pts 

Sen. SCollins 105 pts 

Rep. TRyan 45 pts 

Rep. Waters 40 pts 

Gov. Kasich 85 pts 

Backups: Sen. Hatch, Mayor DeBlasio, Sen. Blumenthal

[My notes on SirLags team: Potentially a strong team, especially if Kasich heats up. His two US Reps are slowing him down.]

Lok: 335 pts 11th place @lok1999

Sen. Sanders 160 pts 

Sen. Murkowski 35 pts 

Rep: Ellison 40 pts 

Rep. Nunes 60 pts 

Counselor Conway 35 pts 

Backups: Sen. TScott, Gov. Bullock, Sen. RJohnson

[My notes on Lok's team: Lok won last year's championship. However, his team has collapsed this year. Sanders and Nunes are the only strong players. Murkowski, who was strong last year, has done nothing. Ellison, strong last year, has done nothing. Conway has been isolated. Conway should probably be traded or dropped and replaced. Ellison should be benched if Lok can pick up a US Rep that is more vocal. Murkowski should be benched. This team needs a restructuring.]

KingThero: 290 pts 12th place @Kingthero

Sen. Corker 105 pts 

Sen. Leahy 20 pts 

Rep. Noem 15 pts 

Rep. Castro 50 pts 

VP Pence 75 pts (5-tax/budget

Backups: Fmr VP Biden, Sen. DJones (15 pts),  Rep. JCooper (10 pts)

[My notes on KingThero's team: KingThero has made several changes to improve his team. This week it paid off with a 50 point performance. Pence is greatly underpeforming. Sen. Leahy might not be as vocal as KingThero might hope, as he's scoring more like a US Rep. He might want to consider trading Leahy for a stronger Senator that is a backup on another team. He could also try a risk by trading Pence for someone at Pence's position that is currently scoring higher.]

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