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Harris vs. Trump in 2020

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I spacebarred through with the Simulation Party last night. 

Sadly, I didn't save an image. Harris wins with 52% of the vote and 286 EVs. The map looked a lot like the 2012 map, but Trump had Florida. Dems took back MI, PA, WI. 

Harris selected Buttigieg for VP (Mayor of South Bend, Indiana who is an openly gay military vet, and came in at a strong 3rd place for the DNC chairmanship)

Trump dropped Pence for Capito (Woman senator from WV). 

In the primaries, Trump easily bested Kasich and Flake; although, the two won about 7 primaries. 

For the Democrats, Biden and Sanders won the majority of the primary delegates. The convention was deadlocked with all 9 Democratic candidates still in the race. Harris was the compromise choice, and she narrowly defeated Biden at the convention in about 8 rounds of balloting. 


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