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General Election only Results

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Trump Second term

-Trump renames the Reform Party the "Patriot Party" naming Delaware Governor Joe Biden as head. 

-Increased spending to NHS,Though he gave options for the rich to opt out into privatize healthcare 

-Scandal were he was talking about invading the middle east,to get the resources,(Which are still all dictatorships) after budding heads and saying that the Middle East is a Dictator wasteland,Trying to convince the UN to join him,But will not be decided till his term is over and the next term

-Continued tariffs,steel,coal,and gas industries continues to rise,tech industry declines

-Sam sex marriage fully legal

-Medical marijuana officially a state issue no longer gov

-Finally put man on mars after Romney promised it in 71'

-Russia (still Fascist) convicted of crimes against humanity, Trump agrees to put massive sanctions on them. 

-Average approval 53%

-Trump announces if he wins re election he will run "atleast two more times" ,in which he would be 78 leaving office if he makes it to the end of a fifth term.(which  would tied Ford for the longest serving POTUS)

Polls and EV map pre nominees



Puerto Rico-Republican

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Mccain/Ayotte(rep) vs Webb/Kennedy(dem) vs Trump/Clark(I)(pat)

First post nominee polls/ev map: https://imgur.com/a/f3MDv (Puerto Rico-McCain/Ayotte)


Note the Patriot Party ran no candidates for Congress or governor. 

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Trumps third term and 2016 coming today/tomorrow.

2016 (expressed interst in running)


-KY Gov Rand Paul

-WI Sen Paul Ryan

-FL Sen Allen West

-MA Sen Mitt Romney


-NY Sen Andrew Cuomo

-IA Gov Tom Vilsack

-VT Gov Bernie Sanders

-PA Gov Bob Casey

-OH Sen Sherrod Brown

Trump will run for re-election

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