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Just now, NYrepublican said:

Probably a small concept

-it will have a popularity system which while until I figure out how to read XML file data will not be modifiable (unless you want to modify the source code)

-you'll be able to take some actions haven't figured out quite whats o far. Probably just domestic stuff.

Yeah, if I made a prototype, I would do a popularity system (not to the decimal though, seems complicated)

I've been making some smexy concepts for my prototype, in the event that I do make it.

The first one would be a country selector (though if I went full-on, I'd probably make it solely based on the US)

The second is a concept of actual gameplay, with three main policies, I plan on including immigration, but I haven't found a good photo yet (as you can see, I reuse the menu screen at the moment, lol, though I spent more time doing the menu)

Other policies are a work in progress (there would be a scroll option for more policies, and each policy would have sub-policies, for example, different types of taxes, you can set immigration quotas, etc.)

If you're wondering where I get my images, they're stock photos from https://www.pexels.com/ (somehow, they offer free stock photos without attribution) I also have a couple other sources, but mostly pexels.


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If anybody is interested in seeing me make a prototype (NOT an actual game) let me know and I might do it.

Also, Ima say it right now my programming skills are complete trash and compared to @NYrepublican, mine will be extremely casual, and his will likely be more complex due to his knowledge in programming.

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Note: This is temporarily being put on pause while I learn PyGame and attempt to hopefully make a budget negotiator 2018 game.

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