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2 hours ago, Reagan04 said:

Paulson: Security is such a crucial aspect of a base such as ours. But I do not think we need to go overboard. In case you haven't noticed, WE ARE ON THE MOON! So War should not be a worry, but I would certainly favor the development of missiles that could debilitate enemy spacecraft should that occasion arise. BUt pertinently on the agenda should be Domestic Safety. The best way we can ensure that is policing and Gun Rights. Now Mr. McKnight as usual fashion has taken us down the authoritarian route and decided to disarm the population. That is always step number one for tyrants. It is clear to me we need government-funded police but also a strong sense of Gun Rights. It is my belief that we should respect all the rights enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. I am a proud American and one of the benefits of that is greatly improved safety over any kind of shaky independence. We need stability and good relationships, I have proven to be that candidate for you. God Bless.

OOC: Free gun rights on a Moon base? This guy has never seen Total Rekall, has he? That, and any other capsulated life support environment in space or on a hostile planetary environment, is one of the daftest places to proclaim to "the right to bear arms," but I guess "Christian" fundamentalist chaplains pride themselves on their lack of scientific education, even basic physics.

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McKnight: Let's face it, the founding fathers were wrong. No Average Joe was ever meant to hold a gun, least of all on the Moon where bullets can't even make their mark without bouncing off the walls! Now lasers, that's another story...

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