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2020 Update Playthrough

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I just spacebarred through as the Simulation Party on my updated 2020 scenario (without events).

Trump was opposed by Kasich, Flake, Corker and Sasse, but he easily beat them, despite losing three or four primaries. 

Biden, Warren, and Sanders kept switching places as frontrunners, but Kamala Harris won the nomination in a deadlocked convention. 

Trump shocks the world by replacing Pence with Flake as VP. 

Kamala Harris selects North Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg, who had run for the DNC Chairmanship. 


Trump 319 EVs 48.1%  (Trump wins his second election despite losing the popular vote by nearly 4 million votes)

Harris 219 EVs 50.5%   

Green 0.9%

Libertarian 0.6% 

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