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2020 Scenario Event Polls

2020 Scenario Event Poll (What Events Should be Included in the 2020 scenario -- 2/3 support for inclusion)  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Foreign Affairs Events (What do you see as a likely even during the 2020 Election?

    • War or Near War with North Korea
    • Trade War with China
    • War or near war with Iran
    • Destruction of ISIS
    • Increase in the War on Terror, with more US involvement
    • Increase in US intervention in Africa
    • EU breaks up, or starts to break up
    • Dire relations with Russia
    • US leaves NAFTA
    • US builds Border Wall near Mexico
    • Relations with Europe sour
    • Paris Climate Treaty goes into effect without US support
    • US loses a step in global primacy to either China or Russia
    • Protectionist trade policies begin to backfire
    • Other (comment below)
    • None of these
  2. 2. Domestic Events

    • Economy improves
    • Economy stagnates
    • Economy falls to a recession/depression level
    • Unemployment greatly decreases
    • Unemployment greatly increases
    • Racial tension increases, involving more violence
    • More states legalize marijuana
    • Trump removes any student loan forgiveness policies
    • Keystine XL Pipeline or Dakota Pipeline face a natural disaster
    • Increase in gun violence
    • Obamacare is repealed (and potentially replaced)
    • More cities increase the minimum wage
    • Occupy Wall Street-style protests spring up everywhere again
    • Other (comment below)
    • None of these
  3. 3. Other Events

    • Trump facing impeachment, if the Democrats narrowly take the US House and US Senate
    • Trump fires or accepts resignation of several people in his administration
    • Campaign Finance Reform occurs
    • Hillary Clinton is indicted
    • More people close to Trump are indicted
    • Russian Probe is still going
    • Mueller is fired
    • Russian Hackers interfere in the 2020 election
    • Warmest winter on record
    • Pence resigns as VP, or announces that he will resign after Trump's first term
    • Sexual misconduct allegation hit Trump
    • Sexual misconduct allegations hit Biden
    • Other (comment below)
    • None of these

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I've decided I'm going to redo all of my events for the 2020 scenario. 

We will vote here for the most likely events for the 2020 scenario. I will add only events that get 2/3 support, this will force some bipartisan agreement. 

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I'm going to add events tomorrow, so this poll will end whenever I start that. 

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