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I think since we did the Hypothetical Cabinet, we could do a hypothetical candidacy. Below, list what you assume would be your strengths and weaknesses as a presidential primary candidate, and as a presidential general election nominee.. Assume you are of age, are born in the US, that you have at least enough support to be in the primary debate, and the at least enough money to carry you to the first primary. You can use my response as a template. 

Part 1: As a primary candidate


  • Would likely appeal to the base.
  • High integrity. Has never broken the law. Has never cheated. Has been routinely fair and kind to other human beings. 
  • Incorruptible, and has never been corrupt. Never had the urge to do so, even to get what I want.  
  • Would visit every regions of the country, even rural areas, where I have know real attachment. 
  • I'd be open in my responses in what I will do, won't do, and what I might do through compromise. Every voter will know where I stand. 
  • I am the type of person that can work 18 hour days if I have to, on any sort of schedule. 
  • I am absolutely an outsider, which could appeal to many primary voters
  • I am by nature an independent, pragmatic progressive, which I think, would appeal to both the base, and to others who may be receptive to progressiveness, but haven't found a candidate likely to work with non-progressives in the party. 
  • I probably look like a president (The claim someone gave to Warren G. Harding). I'm 6'4" 190 lbs. Blond hair. Germanic looking (I get that I look like Dax Shepard or a taller Jimmi Simpson, a lot. I usually get Shepard as the comparison, but I think Simpson looks a lot more like me.), deep, and sometimes loud, voice. 
  • I have no attachment to Wall Street or financial people
  • My lack of wealth would probably appeal to people tired of elites, whether political or members of the 1%. 
  • I'd be great with issue knowledge, and good a debater. 


  • I wouldn't like campaigning.
  • I wouldn't like fundraising, or anything that is remotely close to begging for money. 
  • I would be a logical debater, but I don't think I'd be the one that gets sound bites. 
  • I'm not overtly emotional or expressionable. I'm pretty stone faced. Although, I don't come off as awkward or robotic, like Mitt Romney or Al Gore. 
  • I am really unsure how I would interact with "normal people," especially those in rural or suburban areas. I seem to surround myself with academics, eccentrics, bohemians, savants, creative and literary people, and loud personalities (like pool hustlers, musicians, -- all of which deserve a biography) rather than mechanics, farmers, gas station owners, coal miners, baptist ministers, etc. Although, I've found I can talk to anyone, I just find my conversations would be seemingly more natural with people that I can identify with. My only connection would be my lack of wealth and my love of NFL football, other than potential shared political stances. 
  • I'd be hesitant to make any promises before taking office unless I thought Congress would certainly pass the promises. Although, the promises I do make would be fulfilled, unless events make the fulfillment of the promise dangerous or greatly impractical. 
  • I might be too nice to be a candidate, especially facing candidates that are someone similar to me ideologically. If I had proof that I would win the nomination if I leaked a border-line slanderous attack on a worthy nominee, I wouldn't released it, even if I knew it meant I would lose the nomination. 
  • No major experience for the job. 
  • I don't speak Spanish. 

Part 2: As a general election candidate:


  • I'd have the support of the base, and likely some people that would consider voting Green.
  • As an outsider, who is sometimes independent, and has high integrity and no corruption history, I could win over voters that find these as the most important qualities in a president.
  • I would do well with issue knowledge, and in the debates (although, I'm not a soundbite debater. I'm more like Kasich in this regards.)
  • I wouldn't ignore battleground states, a la Clinton. 
  • I've never believed in Winner-Takes-All elections, and I believe that those that lost an election should get some of what they want. As such, moderate Republicans and moderate Libertarians could expect to get some of the things that they wanted. I would talk about compromise enough that, and be respectful, and praise-worthy enough of moderate Republicans (like John Kasich) and flexible Libertarians (like Bill Weld) that I could conceivably win over some of them if they are unhappy with their candidates. My compromising tone would like keep moderate Democrats in line. 
  • While I would almost never use the military, I think my pension and benefits plans for veterans would win over a lot of the military vote (compared to many Democratic candidates), even as I attempt to make the military more concise and efficient, and less costly. 
  • As I say above. I look like a president, so I would win a percentage of the superficial demographic, potentially. 
  • As I say above, I can work 18 hours a day on most days. 
  • My lack of wealth might appeal to those that want a president that can identify with someone that doesn't make three figures or higher. 
  • I will be sincere and genuine, and I know I will come off as such, regardless if people like my platform or not. A conflicted, selfless voter might vote for me, because they know I'll work for the majority of people's interests and not the elites, even if I might not do much for them specifically. 
  • At this point, some of my weaknesses above would probably not be weaknesses anymore, but not necessarily strengths. 
  • I'd have a very specific platform of what I would like to do.


  • I wouldn't like campaigning
  • I wouldn't like fundraising or otherwise begging for money
  • Despite being a good debater, I wouldn't get soundbites
  • As I said above, I don't show much expression. I might come off as being unexcited, for instance. Or, it might seem like I think a joke isn't funny, even when I think it is, because I'm not laughing or smiling. I usually just say, "that's funny."
  • Although I'd be better at speaking to rural and suburban demographics by the general election, I might come off poorly by comparison to someone that knows how to talk to rural and suburban demographics specifically. 
  • While I'd have a very specific, detailed platform, I would emphasis that these aren't promises (since I may have to compromise or alter it based on events). This might make me come off as not liking my own platform, when I'm just being realistic and honest. 
  • People who vote for religious reasons would not vote for me, and I would likely embolden them to vote in larger numbers against me, even though I would never attack religion or religious institutions, and while I would have no policy aimed against them. Just as JFK had to give a speech on his Catholicism, I'd have to give one on being "borderline agnostic." Really, I'm someone that wants Heaven to exist. I revere most of what Jesus does and says, but I feel that 90% of vocal Christians in no way model themselves after him. The most model Christians I ever meet never talk  about their faith, or talk about politics or society in relations with faith, even if they go to Church and Church functions faithfully. In the end, I could equally be a Christian or not be a Christian by the end of my life, but I just don't think about it. I've read the Bible numerous times. I grew up going to church. I've had tragic life events that elevated the potential for greater faith. In the end, I read, saw, hear, and felt logically. I feel nothing. It's similar to when someone thinks a ghost is in their house, and then they try to record the ghost on a tape recorder, asking it questions. If a noise is heard, they assume it's the ghost saying something, "Is that a 'yes'? Yes, I think that's a 'yes'." When I listen to it, I might say, "I'm fairly certain that's your own breath." In short, the single-issue religious demographic would greatly oppose me, even though I am not anti-Christian or necessarily non-religious. I don't know what I am, agnostic or Unitarian. I'm definitely not Calvinistic. 
  • I might be too nice. While I am likely to be aggressive towards a Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, or Ron Paul type character, for what I would consider would be adhering to ideals aimed at making the life much more harder for the poor, disabled, lower-middle class, etc. I probably wouldn't be very aggressive at attacking the other candidate's person. Although I could attack the platform easily. Someone like Cruz or Trump could draw out a side of me that does make me aggressive to their personalities, as both seem to me to by hypocrites of the highest order.
  • I don't have much experience for the job
  • I don't speak Spanish.  


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