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Do Platforms Matter in PI?

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I just don't know if platforms matter to win primaries or general election in PI. So I want to know your opinions and evidence that they do matter or not in PI.   I know somebody here said recently that he won as Clinton in a landslide because he/she shifted the platform to appeal to more voters, but still I don't see any evidence of this in my personal experience.   I have been playing this game for too long, and I still don't have any evidence or suggestion that the platform matter. 

I don't understand, in my scenarios of 2016, why I am winning North Carolina as a Democrat with as bigger margin than Virginia. Is it a platform thing?

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Platforms give you Power bonuses or penalties when campaign on a given issue to the degree your position on that issue aligns with a region's center. This can easily be swamped by other factors, but if you're in a close match they can give you a significant edge.

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