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2008 predictions contest

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So I wanted to hold a contest....

You have to guess which Republican wins the nomination as well as the specifics (outlined below) under which they win, who they face the margin of victory/defeat in the generals

Primaries specifics...

Delegate count

Pop Vote

Money Spent

Money Raised

Contests won

Result (wins outright, wins in brokered convention, withdarwn /add date/.


The only info you will get to start is who is in the race

How much money they have to start and I will tell you what they have before the iowa caucus. Not sure when Iowa will be but I will post it.


The winner will receive only bragging rights.


2008 Candidates

Rudi Giuliani 25M

John McCain 15M

Mitt Romney 20M

Jeb Bush 15M

Duncan Hunter 1.5M

Tom Tancredo 3.5M

Sam Brownback 500k

Newt Gingrich 7.5M

Mike Huckabee 5M

Ron Paul 5M

Should have something by sunday night.







@Conservative Elector 2






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6 Million

10 Million

5 Million

12 Contests


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