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Bob Dole

Lamar Alexander  (+2 Tennessee )

Robert McMillan  (+1.5 New York )

Robert Mueller  (+.5 nationally )

Pat Robertson

Milward Simpson  (+2 Wyoming )

Bill Janklow (+2 South Dakota )

Billy Graham  (+.5 nationally, +1 southern states )

Harold Stassen

Arlan Strangel (+1 Minnesota )

George Gekas  (+1 Pennsylvania )

Al Gore

Sargent Shriver (+1 nationally, +2 Maryland )

Doug Applegate  (+1 Ohio)

Jim Tucker (+1 Arkansas )

Geraldine Ferraro

AARP  (+1 nationally, +2 Florida )

Lawton Chiles (+2 Florida )

Dianne Feinstein (+2 California )

@Sami @Somberg @Kingthero @Reagan04 @jdm06ltd

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Neil Armstrong to run for congress!


Hillary Clinton endorsed by Democratic Primary Opponent in Arkansas 


Harrison Ford endorses by LA Times!



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Bob Dole

Olympia Snowe (+1.5 Maine)

Frank Sinatra (+.5 nationally +2 Illinois )

Mickey Edwards  (+1 Oklahoma )

Pat Robertson

David Karnes (+2 Nebraska )

Tom Coleman (+1 Missouri )

Harold Stassen

Mickey Rooney (+.5 nationally +1.5 California )

Mike DeWine (+1 Ohio)

Al Gore

Tim Valentine (+1 North Carolina )

Fernand Germain (+1 Rhode Island)

Daniel Mica (+1 Florida )

Geraldine Ferraro

Pete Stark (+1 California )

Ike Skelton  (+1 Missouri )

Boston Globe  (+1.5 Massachusetts )

@Somberg @Sami @jdm06ltd @Kingthero @Reagan04

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-Stassen Endorsed by Mickey Rooney in Los Angeles, California- (Free Event)

"I firmly believe that Harold Stassen is the most electable man in the race, and I am happy to say today, that I am endorsing Harold Stassen for President"

-Mike DeWine endorses Stassen in Salem Ohio- (Free Event)

"Today it is my distinct honor and privilege to join my colleague Mike Oxley, in endorsing the only man who can win in November, Harold E Stassen for President of the United States"


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Fmr. Wyoming Governor Milward Simpson endorses Pat Robertson in Laramie, Wyoming

The time to unite as a Conservative base is here and now. Wyoming is a critical state and Pat is the man we need to support. You see, Pat is the only one running who treat us like we're critical, because he believes all Americans are. I stand with Pat because he and I both stand for you, you don't find that too often anymore. I stand with Pat because he is the people's candidate and that is what we need in DC. So, Wyoming, we have an important decision here, but for me the decision is clear. Vote Pat for a man who puts your needs first, for a man that has vowed to flush the corrupt elite out of DC. I say vote Pat because I say vote for Wyoming! It is time we have a warrior in DC! That is Pat! Stand with me Wyoming! Stand with Pat! God Bless you!

Fmr. South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow endorses Pat Robertson in Pierre, South Dakota

I stand here today as a messenger for the greatest Grassroots campaign this nation has ever seen. That is the grassroots movement to elect Pat Robertson as President! Pat is the man America needs to put it back on the right Grassroots oriented track once more! Pat is the man we need to restore out values and our economy. Ya see, Pat is the one who first proposed cutting taxes even more than how much they've already been cut. Pat is the man who has stood for life just like the thousands of South Dakotans who have, myself included. I really respect Governor Mickelson, but I think he made the wrong choice for South Dakota with Bob Dole, I think the conservative movement needs to unite behind the man who can bring us all together, Pat Robertson. Vote and Stand with Pat and with me! Together we can rebuild a new South Dakota and a new America driven by the people! God Bless you!

Billy Graham announces endorsement of Pat Robertson at Mega Church in Nashville, Tennessee

I want to thank Pastor Mike for inviting me here to talk to y'all a bit about this upcoming election. Now, I don't like politics too much so I'll keep it brief, but I know that my friends here don't like all that establishment talk either chuckles. But we have a clear race here, we have the forces of Pro-Life and Abortion competing, the forces of Faith and Secularism competing, the forces of Traditional Marriage and Homosexuality competing. If you want the former, ya gotta vote for Pat! That is as simple as it gets, Pat is the man that is the warrior for the Christians out here in Nashville and the country. I am asking you to vote for my longtime friend Pat Robertson because this country needs a strong grassroots leader to keep going, Pat is the only man like that. God Bless you and vote Pat!

Nebraska Sen. David Karnes endorses Pat Robertson in Omaha, Nebraska

I stand here today Nebraska, to introduce your next President. Now let me tell you a little about your next President. First, his name is PAT ROBERTSON! Pat is the right man for the job, I have seen how broken DC is. But, we the people can fix it, that I know. Pat is the leader we need to fix it. That happens on the ground like places here in Nebraska. I am proud to stand with Pat for the people of this great nation. I am proud to stand for an America we can believe in. One governed by it's people. I stand here steadfastly in the corner of America, in the corner of Nebraska. And that is why I stand in the corner of Pat Robertson. Together we can fix the corrupt establishment mess made in DC! We can restore our nation! God Bless you all!

Rep. Tom Coleman endorses Pat Robertson in Kansas City, Missouri

Hello Kansas City! I am honored to represent each of you in the House today, but now we need to elect a new President, a President who will represent you in the White House, just as well. I stand here to talk to you about Missouri's best pick for President, Pat Robertson! Pat is the choice I hope we all cross off on the 8th. This is the man that cares for the state of Missouri and for common Missourians like you and I. We need to come together behind Pat and push him to victory! Stand with me and stand with Conservatism Missouri! Stand with Pat!

@RP Overlord  I'm back babaaay!


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February 22nd Polls 



Bob Dole 43%

Pat Robertson 30%

Harold Stassen 22%


Harold Stassen 35%

Bob Dole 34%

Pat Robertson 29%

North Dakota 

Bob Dole 40%

Pat Robertson 34%

Harold Stassen 20%

South Dakota 

Bob Dole 38%

Pat Robertson 35%

Harold Stassen 21%


Bob Dole 45%

Pat Robertson 29%

Harold Stassen 25%


Pat Robertson 44%

Bob Dole 39%

Harold Stassen 14%



Geraldine Ferraro 48%

Al Gore 47%


Geraldine Ferraro 59%

Al Gore 40%

North Dakota 

Al Gore 52%

Geraldine Ferraro 47%

South Dakota 

Al Gore 59%

Geraldine Ferraro 40%


Al Gore 57%

Geraldine Ferraro 42%


Al Gore 53%

Geraldine Ferraro 45%

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Edmund Muskie Joins Ferraro in Orono, Maine; Discusses Lobster Fishing and the Environment

“Lobsters are one of the greatest things to come out of Maine, we are known around the world for the great lobsters we have here. But we have to make sure our waters are clean and ecosystems are sound so that we can continue to ensure the health of Maine lobsters. Geraldine is committed to protecting our environment, in being aggressive in combating water pollution making sure our waters stay clean and free from trash and toxic substances. I hope you will join me in helping elect a champion for the environment to the White House.”

Joe Brennan Joins Ferraro in Kennebunk, Maine; Talks Healthcare Reform

“I am proud to stand with Geraldine Ferraro in the quest for universal health insurance, an end to discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions, and a Children’s Health Insurance Program. She will be a healthcare president, someone who will ensure that every American has access to the quality healthcare they deserve. She wants to help people but that won’t happen unless you join me in helping elect her to the White House.”

George Mitchell Joins Ferraro in Portland, Maine; Speaks About Campaign Finance Reform

“Gerry Ferraro is committed to passing campaign finance reform as president that will put strict limits on campaign spending as well as working to severely reduce soft money donations. I’ve been in Congress for some time, I know the need for constant fundraising and the influence that this gives to special interest groups. We need to do something to clean things up and make sure that elected officials are focusing on the hard work of representing their constituents and making our country a better place. Gerry Ferraro wants to do something about this so I hope you will join me in helping her fix Washington.”

Reubin Askew Joins Ferraro in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Discusses Social Security and Medicare

“I am proud to stand with a woman who is committed to helping out older Americans. Geraldine wants to protect Social Security and Medicare from Republicans who seek to gut these programs and scare senior citizens. She’s also committed to expanding Medicare to cover expensive prescription drugs that elderly Americans need access to but have difficulty affording, it’s time to make sure they can get access to the medications they need. I know she’s the best candidate for our oldest citizens, just ask the AARP which has endorsed her campaign, and I hope you will join me in making sure she gets elected as our next president in November.”

Lawton Chiles Joins Ferraro in St. Petersburg, Florida; Announces Support for Her Campaign

“I have served this state for many years and I know that Geraldine Ferraro will do great things for the state of Florida and our great country, that’s why I’m proud to be endorsing her in this race for president. She wants to work to clean up our government and restore faith and trust in it, she wants to protect the environment and work to conserve important natural habitats like the Everglades, and she wants to reduce the deficit and work to balance the budget without any tax increases. She will be a great president for our country and I hope you will join me in supporting her campaign.”

Ferraro in Laramie, Wyoming; Talks Promoting Coal as a Fuel Source

“Coal continues to be an important source of energy for our nation and I know how hard many men here in Wyoming work to mine it out of the ground. That’s why I’m going to work to promote coal as part of my all-of-the-above strategy for energy independence along with alternative sources of energy. With the development of clean coal technology, I believe we can work to achieve the dual goals of energy independence and protecting the environment at the same time and I believe that is a great thing for all Americans. “

Eugene McCarthy Joins Ferraro in Duluth, Minnesota

“I believe that Geraldine Ferraro will be a voice who will cut through the partisan rancor we often in Washington and work to unite our country around an agenda to protect the American Dream and expand opportunities for every single American in this country. She wants work to negotiate fair trade deals to protect American workers and American businesses, she wants to fix the out of control deficit we’ve been seeing, she wants to put forward a crime policy that will get tough on crime and work to prevent it, not just catch criminals after the fact, and she wants to stand up for working class Americans while keeping our country strong. As somebody who supported Reagan in 1980 but who now backs Geraldine Ferraro for president, I know she has the message and appeal to bring back those voters who are adrift to the Democratic Party and win in November. “

Dick Gephardt Joins Ferraro in the Suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri; Talks Fair Trade Deals

“Gerry Ferraro is committed to negotiating fair trade deals that will protect American businesses and American workers while lowering trade barriers for American goods. She believe we need to put an end to punitive and unfair tariffs that make American goods uncompetitive in many countries, like South Korea, and work to expand the market for those products made right here in America. She will be no nonsense in this process and is willing to take the tough actions necessary to get a good deal for our country. She will also work to ensure a level playing field by ensuring that any potential trade partners recognize the need for adequate labor and environmental standards. I believe she will be a president who will make trade fairer for our country and I hope you will join me in making sure she becomes president so that we can keep America number 1 in the world.”

Thomas Eagleton Joins Ferraro in Springfield, Missouri

“Geraldine Ferraro is a fine woman who is determined to do all she can to help the people of this nation, to make this country a better place for everyone even those folks who often go forgotten. She wants to give aid to farmers struggling with debt while working to promote family farms and fighting for greater agricultural exports to help out farmers. She wants to work to protect our air and put an end to acid rain while limiting toxic air pollutants that cause lung problems for many people. She wants to support small businesses and make it easier for small business owners because she believes in their importance in small communities and their role as drivers for entrepreneurship and innovation. I am proud to be supporting her because I believe she will work to keep the American Dream alive and protect our environment.”

Ike Skelton Joins Ferraro in Independence, Missouri

“I’m happy to be here in the home of my personal hero, Harry S. Truman, to announce me support for a woman who will continue the spirit of his legacy, and those of all the leaders of our party that came after him, in supporting the working and middle class residents of this country. I have no doubt she will be a great ally to labor, that she will work for improved conditions and better wages for workers. Neither do I have any doubt that she will be a great ally of farmers, she has the best policies in this race to support struggling farmers while working to make it easier for folks who want to get into farming to do so. I do believe that she will be able to create a broad coalition pulling together all members of our party, as well as plenty of independents and Republicans, that will work together to keep the American Dream alive.”

The Ferraro Campaign Airs a TV Ad in Maine

*Clips of natural sights from around Maine – forests, coastal cliffs, rivers, and lakes – plays*

Narrator: “Maine has been a state endowed with such a beautiful natural environment that attracts tourists all year round to enjoy the pristine landscapes and stunning views that the state has to offer. But we need to do more to protect this, to protect our environment, and there’s one candidate in this race how has put forward policies that will do just that.”

*Pictures of Ferraro meeting voters, looking over Maine’s shores into the ocean, and visiting Acadia National Park appear*

Narrator: “Geraldine Ferraro is determined to fight pollution and work to conserve more lands and protect countless ecosystems and the beautiful natural environment that our county has been blessed with. She wants to amend the Clean Air Act to stop damaging acid rain that ruins forests, lakes and rivers, and wetlands while also working to further reduce the emissions of toxic pollutants that damage the lungs of our children. She wants to work aggressively to get the EPA on the job of cleaning up polluted waters way and clearing them of trash, debris, and toxic waste so that our waters remain pristine and habitable for the wildlife that thrives in them. And she is committed to expanding the Natural Parks Service and doing more to conserve lands deemed of great ecological or natural value.”

*Pictures of forests, natural monuments, and beautiful coastlines appears, followed by an image of Ferraro with Edmund Muskie*

Narrator: “It is time to work to protect our environment, to clean up our air and waterways that will improve the health of Americans and promote tourism in areas of great natural beauty. We must fulfill our mission to protect this planet, to protect what God has given us. Geraldine Ferraro is committed to preserving the environment and allowing future generations to enjoy all of the natural wonders of our planet. She even has the backing of Fmr. Secretary of State Edmund Muskie, a favorite son of Maine who is one of the greatest champions for the environment who was a strong supporter of the first Earth Day and in the passage of the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.

Geraldine Ferraro will be a champion for the environment and if she is elected as president in November you know that the Earth will have an ally in the White House.”

*A picture of Ferraro on a nature trail with Edmund Muskie appears*

Narrator: “Paid for by Ferraro for America.”

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February 22nd Senate and House Polls with likely nominees

Arkansas 3rd

Hillary Clinton 82%

Warren Carpenter 14%

California Senate

Harrison Ford 50%

Pete Wilson 47%

Ohio 1st 

Neil Armstrong 59%

Steve Chabot 39%

New York Senate

Caroline Kennedy 79%

Donald Trump 20%

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Robertson campaigns with Fmr. Gov. Bill Janklow in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Gun Rights

We have come to a point where our basic freedoms are under attack every day. Our nation is dealing with our Constitutional Rights being stripped of its rights everday. It is time we took a stand against this. I am proud to stand with Pat on this issue as I believe my fellow South Dakotans are. This is a crucial issue and we need to be united on our common belief in the Constitution, and that includes the 2nd Amendment my friends. We out here in South Dakota understand that a lot better than up in New England or over in Hollywood, Pat understands and listens to the center of the country. That is what will make him a great President.

Bill Janklow stumps for Robertson on Taxes in Rapid City, South Dakota

This election has a lot of issues jumping around from corner to corner. One of the most prevalent, especially here in the Mount Rushmore State, is tax cuts. We needem, badly. Pat Robertson is the one man who has promisedem to us. I say we stand with Pat because when we stand with Pat we stand with cuts to our tax bills and more money in our pockets. Stand with me, Stand with Pat because we recognize how DC just loves to take money from the people and use it as they please. No more, no more will South Dakota be steamroled by DC, no more will the establishment reign over the little guy, elect Pat Robertson and that ends. God Bless you all and God Bless South Dakota!

James Dobson and Pat Robertson campaign on Marriage in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pat is a good man I have known for years. Pat is the most faithful, most conservative in this race about preserving the sacred definition of Marriage as one man and one woman. No other candidate is as strong on this issue which so many Oklahomans care deeply about. I think we need to come together to defeat the homosexual agenda and the only way we can is with Pat leading that fight. Pat is a strong capable and humble grassroots leader. I am honored to support him and campaign for him for the Office of the President. It is now about time we elect a Grassroots President for a Grassroots Nation! God Bless Oklahoma!

Pat Robertson and Chuck Norris talk anti-establishment in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

DC is always looking for ways to put you down my friends. That is why I stand for the man who wants to lift you up. In this world, our government is working against the people, not for them. Pat Robertson is a man looking to take that relationship and flip it right up side down. I endorsed Pat because the second I started talking to him I knew he deeply cared about this nation. I believe that American cares for its future too, which is why I believe we will elect Pat Robertson to be our President, he is the right man for these circumstances where it seems Washington is getting farther and farther away from the American people. Together we can fix this my friends. We can forge a new American Government, of, by, and for the people. We can do that if we stand together and if we stand with Pat, God Bless you!

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson talk values in Memphis, Tennessee

American Values are something that distinctly make up our culture. Well, now after years of mainstream Social Liberalism, both of them are corroding away at rapidly frightening paces. I am deeply disturbed by what I see. In this nation, we hold good Christian values very highly. I am now appalled by the homosexuality and abortions I see pushed into the mainstream as "acceptable". This sort of unamerican change came right from the DC establishment, not the change I certainly wanted and not the change your next President wants. That brings me to my very point, the man we elect President and the men and women we elect to Congress  will determine the future of our culture. What I say now is that if we elect Pat Robertson, we elect a strong culture, if we elect anyone else, we have an inherently weaker guardian of our culture. So, Tennessee, the buck must stop here, we must stand together to elect Pat. Stand with me for our culture and for the American people. Vote Pat and God Bless you!

House Minority Whip Trent Lott (MS-05) stumps on Conservative principles in Knoxville, Tennessee for Robertson

I came up here to Knoxville from Mississippi to talk about the principles we are facing this election. We have heard a lot of anti-faith and anti-values things come from both the Democrats and Republicans. We need a principled Conservative to bring back the American grassroots, we need to restore Washington's respect for the people. One of the ways we need to do this is I ask you to send me some Republicans in the House, we need to elect Pat and throw the Democrats out of power if we hope to get conservative change for the people passed. But if there is anyone who can overcome the long odds against DC, it is Pat. Pat is a friend of mine and I will stand by him for the Presidency for as long as I can. We need to come together as a Southern Grassroots, and especially on Super Tuesday, speak with a united Southern voice, WE WANT PAT! Crowd erupts into chants of "WE WANT PAT"

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Pat Robertson campaign airs anti-establishment farm ad in South Dakota and Wyoming

DC is out to get the American Farmer. By passing regulation after regulation they have done nothing by strangle out the American Western Farmer. But there is a man who wants to change that.

Picture of field

Bill Janklow: Pat Robertson

Milward Simpson: Pat Robertson

Clifford Hansen: Pat Robertson

Chuck Norris: Pat Robertson

Billy Graham: Pat Robertson

Ted Nugent: Pat Robertson

Jerry Falwell: Pat Robertson

Phyllis: Pat Robertson

James Dobson: Pat Robertson

Pat is the man for the job, he knows the experience farmers are having

Pat with farmhouse couple with a bible

Bill Janklow, Milward Simpson, and Clifford Hansen voiceover: He has already gotten things done for my state. He cares about all Americans, even in my small state. (etc..)

Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris: Pat is the candidate for those who want a change in DC

Phyllis, Jerry, Billy, and James: And Pat is the man for all the faithful who feel like DC has declared war on them and their faith

When it comes down to it, there is only one man for the job in South Dakota/Wyoming, only one man who can restore what we have lost

All: Pat Robertson!

Pat: I am Pat Robertson and I approve this message

Endorsed by Americans for Tax Reform, National Right to Life, Focus on the Family, Southern Baptist Convention, the John Birch Society, and the National Review

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Sargent Shriver and Al Gore in Maine

I join Al Gore because his movement and his plan are the best things our party needs to win! He has the diplomacy to handle a common program in the Convention and I do support his plan of a voted program. He has the skills a president needs for winning. 


Doug Applegate and Al Gore in Ohio

Al Gore knows the difference between the countrysides and the towns, and know how to respect to the needs of both, in a state like Ohio this is essential that's why I endorse him.


Jim Tuckerand Al Gore in Arkansas

Al Gore is a bit in the house here.

Bill, the voters, we agree with what he says, he's a senator from the close state of Tennessee and he knows the values that We, Democrats from the South, are defending within the Democratic Party.


Al Gore makes a public statement in Maine: Support democratic candidates

It is important for me to announce that I publicly endorse Hillary Clinton, Harrison Ford and Neil Amstrong in their respectives races.

I still expect the result of the primary of N.Y. as the voters did not finish to vote, but I will gladly co support the winner.


Al Gore in Maine with James Longley: A plan for the fishers:

We will invest in news technologies and support your need for an international zone of free-fishing in the United Nations.


Al Gore in Maine with james Longley: A plan for the farmers:

I hereby tell you back what I said to Iowa and they voted for it:

A new Research Plan for reducing your costs of productions.

A national cotas to help your agricultors to not crush.


Al Gore in Maine: Defending the Free-Trade with Canada with Bill Clinton:

I do believe you've a lot of available exchanges with Canada and particulary Nova Scotia, Quebec, and the rest of Acadia.

This plan will be crucial to return this republican stronghold.


Al Gore in South Dakota with Anderson: Talks about Communities

We need to improve the law against harassment.

You can count on me, I will also devellop a general plan against drugs.


Al Gore in South Dakota: Talks about a National Reform Administration with Bill Clinton

Our plan will reduce the federal abuses and make the money back in the pocket of everyone by reducing the number of administratives codes and create news integrity laws.


Al Gore in South Dakota with Jerry Brown: A climate message

As producors a lot of your productions will be threatened by one thing, the Climate Change.

We will fight against Global Warming to not let your productions fall down, we will also ensure that the produces used won't be bad for your fields.

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February 23rd Minnesota and South Dakota Primaries today!!!!

"Today voters in these two states will be voting in the their respective primaries. Candidates only have about two weeks before we hit super Tuesday where a huge prize of delegates will be awarded."

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20 minutes ago, Sami said:

(So last shots sir :)?)

Yes,  whenever I post and it's the day of the primary everybody gets 3 campaign events.

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OOC: I do think that @RP Overlord says we only have 3 available events :P But I am not sure of it

That would be great because we would have to choose tactically the argument we want to use for winning rather than PUTTING THE WHOLE ARMADA OF ARGUMENTS we have :D

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42 minutes ago, RP Overlord said:

February 23rd Minnesota and South Dakota Primaries today!!!!

"Today voters in these two states will be voting in the their respective primaries. Candidates only have about two weeks before we hit super Tuesday where a huge prize of delegates will be awarded."

I won't be home until like 9 PM today, so am I out of luck?

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10 minutes ago, Kingthero said:

I am confused now

ooc: On the days of primaries  (when I announce them) you all get 3 potential events you can use as a final push.

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7 minutes ago, Reagan04 said:

I won't be home until like 9 PM today, so am I out of luck?

If you can find time by posting a few sentences I will take this into account because this is a rule change

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(OOC: So I said bullshits I bad understood I present my apologies :P

God 10 events... I need a GIF to resumate the situation, but apart NO GOD PLEASE NO I do not have :()


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