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Catalonia Independence Referendum

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13 minutes ago, Patine said:

From what I can gather, the idea of the "indivisible Spanish domains" far predate the Franco Constitution, but go back to King Carlos I (who was also Holy Roman Emperor Karl V and Karl, Archduke of Austria and Duke of Burgundy, etc.), who took power in a day when many magnates of Spain were still alive and in power from the end days of the Reconquista and the start of the Inquisition. In fact, from what I've read, it was this "indivisibility" doctrine that made the Wars of Independence in Spanish America so bloody and carrying over a century of diplomatic acrimony with Spain thereafter. Even though the specific Constitutional law around it is much more recent, it seems to be the "indivisibility" ideal behind Spanish governance is centuries old, and thus makes it a more entrenched cultural and national concept to change and sell to the Spanish voters, not just a common Constitutional doctrine.

Maybe and what you say is interesting

I wrote an essay of 10 pages about, opposing the Quebecer Scottish and Flander situations with their home states (Canada Belgium and UK) and how the 3 countries reacted to the will of independence inside:

For Canada the echec of the Meech Lake agreement because of the anglophones from Manitoba and Preston Manning created the impression that the French Canadians could not co-exist with English Canadians who did not give to them the rights they were asking fo as a different nation inside the federacy.

The Mulronney government has been awfull but tried to settle the Constitutionnal problem of Canada for Quebec (as Mulronney was a Quebecer too and he was a MP from Quebec), finally Quebec has been recognized as a nation apart and the control of languages at school untill 16 years old have been gave to the government of Quebec as the immigration ministry (2 important things for a people which speaks French at 80%).

Also both referendum were anticonstitutionnal (you are well placed to know it as a Canadian from Alberta) but both PM (Trudeau and Chrétien) accepted the referendum (they were also Quebecer)

For Flander the Belgium state anticipated the poblem before it becomes important by creating a dissociative federacy.

For UK Cameron accepted the referendum making it legal then gave a lot of rights to Scotland in exchange of maintaining them into the union.

Catalan is a total apart casis, to tal.

Spain always refused any referendum on independence while 80% of Catalans wanted it.

Spain did not seeked to maintain the rights Catalans have lost in 2010 due to the Court decision by reforming the Constitution.

Spain did not make any promises during the electoral campain for the unity of the Country.

Spanish electors are voting more and more for the violent solution against Catalan separatism.

Catalonia can become a country because unlike the 3 upon cases which also are occidental cases, the central government did all the mistakes that Canada Belgium and UK did not.

Maybe because of what you said.

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Well it seems that my ascertainment is true, the 1st unionist party of Center Right, Ciutadans (Ciudadanos) won't seek the presidency of the region.

Because they can't accept to modify the situation as the Left unionist parties want.

So Puigdemont is now almost sure to be re-elected as Pres of the Region with no opposition.

Problem, he can't come back without being arrested, so he would like to govern Catalonia from Belgium xD.

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