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President Infinity User Scenario Bug

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So, I used the campaign editor to create a scenario - all I did was create a version of the 2016 presidential election scenario, but I added 2 extra candidates: one Democrat and an independent candidate (which I was using to observe the game).

So, when I launched the scenario, the democratic primaries looked completely broken. The popular vote percentages were all zero, everytime a primary happened each candidate got an equal amount of votes (only 1 vote each), and the map never showed anybody winning in any state; it was constantly completely white. The exact same issues were happening with the General Election. However, this wasn't happening with the Republican primaries.

When I restarted the scenario without running the Democratic candidate that I added, it was all fixed. I want to have that candidate in the scenario, though, so I'd like some feedback on what the problem is and how I can fix it.

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