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A couple bugs/errors...

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Hello -

I just recently bought PI after lurking on the site for a while (also bought CI and PMI-UK, because of the very generous sale when I got to the cart when buying PI). For the most part the game plays very well (though I'm still learning more and more). I haven't tried the other two games yet, but there are a couple of errors I've run into while playing with primaries on:

(1) Error 1 - The first week of the calendar in the 'Activities' tab has every date listed as 6/6 for some reason. When I move to the next page, those dates are all correct. If I move back to the first page, it still reads 6/6 for every day of the week.

(2) Error 2 - So this error I have seen occur for a couple of different reasons:

     (i) When I launch, if I double-click a state on the map to open the 'Electoral Vote Info' window with polling info, and close the window, I get some error dialog mentioning that 'A component named ConstituencyForm already exists.'.

     (ii) Similarly, when I click on the 'Strategy' tab, this will sometimes pop up.

Actually, while playing around, it seems that both flavors of Error 2 manifest themselves precisely when I DOUBLE-click a state. So this is probably my error.

Anyhow, Error 1 is just an aesthetic issue. Error 2 can be resolved without much of a headache. Generally a pop-up window can be closed, but if multiple windows are open, sometimes I have to command-tab out and back in to close the error message. Just wanted to bring these to your attention in case you are unaware.

Tech specs: Running on Mac (10.12.6), have had the same issues above on both versions 2.4.9 and 2.5.8 (sneak-peek) of PI. Error 1 in particular seems to happen in primaries only (as far as I can tell, if you choose to turn primaries off, that calendar page under 'Activities' doesn't appear, since time progresses one day at a time instead of one-week at a time. But it happens regardless of which candidate I'm playing as, regardless of date selected.




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I feel like a complete idiot, but after playing around some more, it is clear the first "error" is *not* actually a bug. 6/6 just means you can do 6 activities in a day. When you do one, it drops to 5/6 (meaning you can do 5 more), when you do two, 4/6, etc. Sorry for any confusion. 

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14 minutes ago, admin_270 said:

Thanks for this - the second bug should be fixed in the latest internal - I've noted it to check just in case.

Awesome, thanks!

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