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The Politicial Career of the 47th President, Donald J. Trump

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46 minutes ago, republicaninnyc said:

@HomosexualSocialist in addition to that I think he posted awhile ago that he has exams about now

Oh, I didn't know. Sorry. 

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Ah, I'm sorry. I was scared this was gonna happen, I've been gone since 30th May on this entire forum. I'll PROMISE im starting this up again. Lol. It's nearly done anyway.

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2012 Presidental Election Pt. 1 - Background


Vice President Paul Ryan takes questions during a press conference. March 2011.

It was another four years of Gingrich, despite not winning the popular vote and a large movement gathering to demand electoral reform which would ultimately lead to the electoral college being abolished. Popularity began to surround Senator Barack Obama following his loss and his approval ratings soured until he became one of the most popular politicians in the country. Gingrich came back into office to fully face the current ongoing recession, though he was not able to pass anything through the Republican led congress until late 2009, leading to beliefs that the confidence of him among the Republican led house and senate were continuing to drop.

Gingrich's approval ratings began to drop, dipping into the negatives in 2008 to being nearly -20 by 2010. The Republicans had a disaster on their hands, the recession had destroyed their once popular President Gingrich and they were sure they'd lose in 2012, especially when rumours began to circulate that Obama was considering a run in 2012. By late 2010, the Republicans had found out the hard way what Gingrich's influence had done to them, losing their majority in the senate and the house. They kept afloat in 2008 due to Gingrich's incredible campaign but it looked like moderate Republicans had mostly fled to the Democrats or to the once dying Reform party who seemed to have actually gained their first seat in the house since 2004.

Following the loss of the senate majority, former Governor Mitt Romney announced that he was preparing to run in 2012 speaking on the loss of moderate Republicans and how the country needs "strong healthcare, strong defense and a stronger economy" citing his time as Massachusetts governor with MassCare during the speech. This was the first time someone had announced they were running for President in 2012. The following months had Al Franken and Sherrod Brown announcing they were preparing to run on the Democratic side. Barack Obama stated that he had no intention to run before going back on his word by April 2011, leaving him undecided.


Governor Mitt Romney announces that he is running for president, Utah, January 2011.

As time went on, Rick Perry announced he was running for President, along with Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman. There was a lot of speculation about Chris Christie who had been a popular politician for a long time. He constantly topped polls but refused to say if he'd run for President or not. Missouri Governor Jerry Nixon and recently elected Colorado Senator Michael Bennet announced they were running. By October 2011, Joe Manchin, one of the remaining blue dog Democrats declared himself into the running, stating that the Democratic party had gone astray from what it once was and what he grew up with. Manchin's announcement was recieved poorly by a lot of mainstream Democrats despite his constant polling at 9% nationally and 12% in Iowa.

The Reform Party, once popular and well liked had fallen after John Hagelin's disasterous performance in 2008. They were believed to be on a resurgence in 2010, gaining a single seat in congress and even gaining votes (the first time since 2004). Former Louisana Governor Buddy Roemer who was well known for switching from Democrat to Republican during his tenure announced he was running, saying he was not going to settle for dirty money in politics. Shortly afterwards, a little known ICT CEO named Andre Barnett who had actually been elected and was the only representive the Reform party currently had declared he was running for the presidency.

With 29 days until the Iowa primary, Obama and Christie, despite being favourites, had not announced they were running. This race was surely going to be an exciting one although, most pundits had already declared that the Democrats had this in the bag.

(yes, its back)

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2012 Presidental Election Pt. 1 - Primaries Part 1


Presidental Candidate Joe Manchin is questioned by the press. December 2011.

The Iowa caucus is right around the corner, Joe Manchin is trying to appeal to the working class, religious Democrats who usually stay home for caucuses. The first debate comes up and Franken wins with pure comedic value and charisma. The polls in Iowa keep flipping back and forth. On the Republican side, Chris Christie still won't announce he is running, apparently he is considering entering but is not sure hes ready to be President. Ron Paul is gathering grassroots support and Mitt Romney is gathering the moderate Republicans lost under Gingrich's hardline conservatism. "If Christie doesn't announce hes running, Romney is going to run away with the nomination" was a common view shared by virtually every pundit.

Just a week before the Iowa primary, Barack Obama announced he was running which led to a surge in the polls from third place nationally to first by a large margin. The Republicans were now scared, they were begging Christie to enter the race because they knew Obama would win the nomination and then the presidency. The amount of undecideds also dropped and front runner Al Franken fell roughly into second place.

A day before the Iowa primary, Romney was leading, Christie had not announced he was running so he was clearly not going to get any votes in the state. Obama was not leading in Iowa but his momentum may land him a last minute win. The polls were drawn between Missouri Governor Jerry Nixon, whose home state neighboured Iowa and West Virginia Senator, Joe Manchin who, according to Politico was "riding a populist wave and the working class democrats were eating it up".

As the votes began to come in, it was a clear close race between Manchin and Nixon. Obama's vote had fell off incredibly, and by the end of the night, he had lost nearly 5% of the vote that was estimated in pre-election polls, dropping to 7% of the vote.


On the Republican side, a surprise win surfaced by Jon Huntsman, gaining nearly 29% of the vote when compared to pre-election polls. Huntsman won nearly 100,000 more votes than Romney, something unheard of when it comes to Iowa primaries. The race had heated up exceptionally and people were intrigued.


The following week, the New Hampshire primary came along. The New Hampshire primary was usually reflective of who would eventually win the party nomination. Following Iowa, Huntsman had been gaining in the state, though not at a fast rate. News organisations were saying that Republicans were viewing Huntsman has the Conservative opposition to Romney with his time as Utah Governor showing his alignment to anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage stances.


Huntsman pulled off a surprise win, once again. Huntsman won in much poorer counties than Romney and the margin in the richer counties were close enough that he was able to pull through with a large margin. Pundits were now watching South Carolina to see if Huntsman was a serious competitor or just scored two lucky rolls. The Democratic side was a lot more plain, Obama scored back after a horrible performance in Iowa but long time front runner in the state, Colorado senator Bennet won by a margin like Huntsman, scoring the exact same counties aswell.

Five days later, the Democrats were hosting their Nevada primary and the Republicans, their South Carolina one. Huntsman was expected to be carried to victory by Myrtle Beach, a very conservative and populus county. In Nevada, Bennet was expected to sweep though Senator Manchin had been basically living in the state for the past two weeks, ignoring New Hampshire entirely.


Manchin surprisingly won the state, something no one really expected though he won by 2,000 votes, extremely close. Behind him came Senator Barack Obama who won 20.3% of the vote and was supported mainly in more populus and diverse areas like Clark county.


The following contests included Obama winning in South Carolina by 10% and Romney winning in Nevada by 20%. The real contest that caught everyones eye was Florida were Romney, expected to win by almost 45% points was slashed down to only 22%, although it was a big loss for Huntsman, cutting 23% out of Romney's lead was exceptionally surprising.


The next big races on the Democratic side were coming on super tuesday, the same for the Republicans. Everyone was preparing themselves, campaigning, pushing out TV ads and trying to get ready for probably the most defining set of contests in this entire primary.


(I'm not going to do this for every single race, its exhausting as @Reagan04 can vouch for but I'll try to do it for RELEVANT ones.)

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2012 Presidental Election Pt. 2 - Primaries Part 2


Jon Huntsman holds a press conference in March 2012.

The race was shaken when only a week before Super Tuesday, Jon Huntsman dropped out of the primary. Huntsman, held a brief press conference citing family issues and being unable to lead a campaign and handle his personal life and entering the presidency wouldn't be right at this moment. News began to circulate just before Super Tuesday that Romney had convinced Huntsman to drop out of the race for the position of Vice President though that was quickly debunked when Huntsman went further into his issues in an interview on Fox News.

People were convinced that Romney had now won the race, meanwhile on the Democratic side, Obama was running away with the nomination though Manchin was running what many pundits called a great campaign, relying on disenfranchised working class Democrats and his core grass roots support, his fundraising had gone well and he was beginning to creep to second in the polls though a nearly 14% difference from Obama.

The Manchin campaign was shaking when it came to Super Tuesday, they had been doing well in polls in both Ohio, overtaking Senator Sherrod Brown in some polls and also Texas which Obama was competitive in. Texas would be a great prize for Manchin and something that will add momentum to his campaign.

As Super Tuesday results began to trickle in, it was clear Manchin lost both Ohio and Texas though he had gained hefty when it came to delegate count, although he was lagging behind Obama and Jerry Nixon.


On the Republican side, Romney won every single contest. There was no serious challenge mounted and by the end of the night, Rick Perry had actually dropped out of the race. This was no surprise but no one was expecting Romney to do as well as he did, his total vote count was pushed up to nearly 63%.


Following the losses in Texas and Ohio, the Manchin campaign hit a full stop. They lost in states they were expecting to win like Louisiana and Utah. They even lost in Wyoming. Montana and North Dakota began to trend towards Obama eventually. Though, eventually, Manchin did pull of a surprise win in Michigan which no one expected, even himself. This was followed by a race in West Virginia where Al Franken nearly took the home state from Manchin, so no momentum was gained from Michigan.


The following few weeks passed and the California primary ended, it was confirmed that it'd be a contested convention on the Democratic side, something that Barack Obama knew well after going through a contested convention in 2008. He had a larger chance this time to win though considering his clearly large lead.


The GOP convention came around and Romney obviously won the nomination, the following week was the Democratic convention and, EVERYONE, was watching.

First, Sherrod Brown's 137 delegates are removed from the running, they go to

Jay Nixon.


Secondly, Michael Bennet's 631 delegates are removed from the running, they go to

Jay Nixon.


Thirdly, Joe Manchin's 866 delegates are removed from the running, they go to

Al Franken.


Everyone is watching now. They are wondering, who is going to win? Barack Obama came into this expecting it easy, but getting it much harder than anyone thought it'd be.

Jay Nixon's 1263 delegates are removed from the running.





Al Franken is the Democratic Party Nominee!

Barack Obama had been sidewiped at the Democratic Party convention, pundits were spreading rumours amongst each other, people were whispering, everyone though, was surprised. Barack Obama congratulated Senator Franken and spoke at the DNC in good faith.

Mitt Romney chose Rob Portman as his Vice Presidental nominee, Al Franken picked Joe Biden. This was going to be an interesting race.

The real battle had begun.

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On 7/7/2017 at 8:28 PM, wolves said:

(I'm not going to do this for every single race, its exhausting as @Reagan04 can vouch for but I'll try to do it for RELEVANT ones.)


HELL YES IT IS. Also, you can isolate a state to make the background better, I can help if ya'd like.

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1 minute ago, Reagan04 said:

HELL YES IT IS. Also, you can isolate a state to make the background better, I can help if ya'd like.

Isolating the state didn't work when I was trying to do it. I'll try later though.

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1 minute ago, wolves said:

Isolating the state didn't work when I was trying to do it. I'll try later though.


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On 26/07/2017 at 10:00 PM, NYrepublican said:

forget about this?

No. Just inactive and lost inspiration mainly. It's effort writing these posts. I'll be back to finish it though, I'm nearly done with it anyway.

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2012 Presidental Election Pt. 3 - General Election


Al Franken at a campaign stop in Chicago, Illnois. September 2012.

The surprising win of Al Franken in the Democratic primary had stunned the political world. The Reform Party had been guaranteed its federal funding and was polling at 4.8%, close to its target of 5%. The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was polling at an abnormal 2%. The third parties seemed to be no threat to both Romney or Gingrich though polls had suggested they were pulling more from Romney. Romney had prepared to face Obama, a challenge he was sweating but he saw Franken as an easy challenge. Romney was moderate enough to appeal to independents and centre-left while Franken didn't inspire the minority vote like Obama did. I mean, Franken didn't even stop Minnesota from being a swing-state, what did Romney have to fear?

People in both the DNC and GOP fell in line, endorsing their candidates except Joe Manchin who instead chose to abstain from endorsement. In a leaked off the tape interview with The New Yorker, Manchin admits to the journalist that he felt he had been cheated by the liberal Democratic party and that in reality, he would have won if it wasn't for all the candidates joining forces to attack him in the debates, attacking him excessively with ads. In response, Democratic party officials likened it to a conspiracy theory and Franken made a joke at a rally mocking Manchin, which generated a lot of laughs.

This created controversy as Manchin began to speak out even more against Franken, which was uncommon for Manchin. He said he felt insulted by his party and even though he would never leave as he was a "Democrat at heart", he now has justification to not vote with them. Politico pointed out that if we're following senate races, Manchin would basically be the kingpin in the senate as the Presidental election was far off from being a competition, but the senate election was very close.

New York Governor, Donald Trump took a weird path and endorsed Reform Party candidate Andre Barnett saying "I can't stand Romney, we've had our differences and Franken, this guy, I can't believe him. He used to make fun of me when I was running for mayor. Do you really think I'm going to touch either of these clowns? No. I'll stick with my allegiances." Trump's popularity among Republicans in the state dropped ten-fold following that, many branding him a traitor though some others saying he stuck up for a "conservative" America despite Trump having pushed through gay marriage months previous and displayed obvious interventionism. The NYT then began to report that though Trump's approvals dropped from 57% to 48%, he actually organized a meeting to talk to Republicans in New York about their choice, persumably to convince them to vote another way


Governor Donald Trump talks to a crowd of New York Republicans, September 2012.

In late September, Romney had a scandal about addressing young black working class youth as people who will never vote for him because they refuse to get a job and hes for people who "actually work for a living." Branded a racist and protests began to arise, Franken tried to exploit the crisis though the race didn't get much closer. Franken won the first presidental debate and was able to bring the controversy furthermore to the front of the news. The race still wasn't tight but it was getting more and more fair. Romney lost the next two debates though the race began to spread out once again. There was no way that Franken was going to win this. Most pundits had written him off and 538 said that Romney was going to grab 300+ electoral votes easily.


The map one day before the presidental election

Franken had basically lost according to polls, was there any chance for him to win? Well. There was certainly a path but it was hard. The battleground states were Iowa, Oregon, Pennslyvania, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota. If he performed a clean sweep of all of those states, he'd most definitely win the election. NBC predicted on the hours before the first polls closed that Romney would get around 290 votes in the electoral college. Franken was interviewed after voting in Minnesota, saying "I know the polls are wrong, theres a silent voter out there for me, then again I'm a liberal"

This was a "special election" as Indiana was a swing state, it was close, every close in the polls and people were watching it. If Franken secured this otherwise dark red state, he might have a chance tonight.


Franken overtook for the first time in the state when there was 22% of the vote in, his lead then extending before dropping back again to near 50-50. When 48% of the vote was in, Romney overtook Franken 48.5-45 and... then....


Franken overtook again with 71% of the vote in, a fragile lead of barely 20k and 0.9%. Sadly, the rural vote began to pour in following that and NBC called it the saddest end to a close race, Franken lost Indiana by 400,000 votes.


The Franken war-room had lost one of the states it needed to perform a sweep to the presidency. It now needed to pick up another state with more than 11 electoral votes. Then, he lost Pennslyvania, 55-44, this was just getting worse for Franken. After losing Wisconsin and then Minnesota, NBC called it for Romney. There was cries on social media from Democrats, cheering from Republicans. The Reform party didn't reach 5% of the vote and the Libertarian party broke new grounds. The GOP will continue to rule the white house for another year, which is sad to say. It's been this way since 2004 and it looked like it wasn't going to stop.YNZpoY0.png.34548a92b2abe79da01a5e308bedc050.png

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1 hour ago, wolves said:


The irony of Romney netting exactly 47% of the vote is wonderful

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Sad that I didn't finish this because I ended up joining the military and have had zero time to myself until the past 2 weeks or so because I've finally got finished with some responsibilities I had. I've lost the original files to the story as I've moved and gotten a new computer since then. I plan to make a new story written in the same format because I did enjoy how much I fleshed out the premise of this.

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