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Second Round of the French Election Poll


Second Round Poll for French Election.  

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  1. 1. Out of the two remaining candidates, who would you vote for to become the next President of France?

    • Benoit Hamon [Parti-Socialiste] left wing secular progressive. Pro-EU (though wants a leftwing government in the EU parliment)
    • Marine Le Pen [Front National] Right wing populist. Anti-EU

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This is the second round of my poll on the French Election. This round will have Le Pen against Hamon. I have debated on wither or not to have @Biden Should've Run vote shift from Fillon to Macron. Had I shifted the vote, we would see a 3-way race in the final round [Hamon 6 votes, Le Pen 5 votes, Macron 5 votes, after shift]. 

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