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Rio de Janeiro Mayoral - 2016

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A great setting to play. There are 6 important candidates:

-> Marcelo Crivella, candidate of the center-right;
-> Marcelo Freixo, candidate of the the left;
-> Pedro Paulo, candidate of the center, and also the candidate of the mayor at that time;
-> Flavio Bolsonaro, candidate of the far-right;
-> Indio da Costa, candidate of the center;
-> Carlos Osorio, candidate of the center-right.

In the scenario, there are 9 candidates to the mayor, but the main ones are above.

When you play and have the results, start them here.

You can download the scenario here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bn8ey7brbuvqie8/Rio+de+Janeiro+Mayoral+-+2016.rar

Below are links to the official results. Comment about the official results too!

-> 1st round: placar.eleicoes.uol.com.br/2016/1turno/rj/rio-de-janeiro/
-> 2nd round: placar.eleicoes.uol.com.br/2016/2turno/rj/rio-de-janeiro/

In this link, you also find the results by electoral zone (similar to the boroughs of the United States): 

-> 1st round: http://especiais.g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/eleicoes/2016/apuracao-zona-eleitoral-prefeito/rio-de-janeiro/1-turno/

-> 2nd round: http://especiais.g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/eleicoes/2016/apuracao-zona-eleitoral-prefeito/rio-de-janeiro/2-turno/

Good game!!! :D

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