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2016 primaries and General Election (Bernie Sanders Edition)


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2 hours ago, TheLiberalKitten said:

Christie makes gaffe while talking about Obesity.


Best Headline EVER!

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Not many changes. Republicans would still win the popular vote and the electoral college if the election was held on this day Aug. 4th 2015.

Swing state: North Carolina



This week in news: July 29th, 2015- Aug.4th 2015 

TRUMP SCANDAL!!! Trump caught smoking pot in parking lot of Rally



Clean Power Plan Signed

Aug. 4th 2015 Electoral College.JPG

Aug. 4th 2015 General %.JPG

Aug. 4th 2015 General Map.JPG

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This week in news: Aug. 4th 2015 to Aug. 10th 2015

Debris on Reunion Island Confirmed as Flight 370

Two Major Endorsements: 

Sanders endorsed by Fmr. VP Al Gore

Sanders endorsed by Mr. Warren Buffett

Scandal on Trump!
Scandal on Mesplay!
Scandal on Kasich!


Democrats take a lead in polls!! They would win the popular vote but lose the electoral college if the Election was held today Aug. 10th 2015.


Swing States:





North Carolina

Aug. 11th 2015 Electoral College.JPG

Aug. 11th 2015 General %.JPG

Aug. 11th 2015 General Map.JPG

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News this week: August 11th to August 25th, 2015

Perry endorsed by Gov. Greg Abbott

Sanders endorsed by Fmr. Pres. James Carter

Sanders endorsed by Sec. of State John Kerry

Scandal on Bush!
Scandal on Trump!

Scandal on Stein!
Scandal on Bush!

 Bombing in Thailand

Iowa State Fair Begins!

Deputy ISIS Leader Killed in Airstrike

Iowa State Fair Finishes


If the election was held on Aug. 25th Democrats wold win the popular vote while the Republicans would win the Electoral College.

(Sorry everyone I accidentally skipped two weeks because I was really into the game. Maybe I should keep dong it like this, News for two weeks as well as polls every two weeks until the actual primaries)



Aug. 25th 2015 electoral college.JPG

Aug. 25th 2015 general %.JPG

Aug. 25th 2015 general map.JPG

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