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I heard a YouTube tutorial was a thing that was needed for this game. I've recently found more time in my life where this might be a possible project for me, considering I have a YouTube account with near-300 subscribers, and, like I said previously, I have more time in my life now.

If I were to film a tutorial, what should be in it, and what should it be abut? Should it show what all the buttons do, how to win the primaries? Or I could do other things, showing how to make the best ads, where to campaign/fundraise, etc.

Tell me what to do, and I'll do my best at it. I don't have the most attractive voice, per-se, but I'll do my best! :D 

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I'd do it if I had the right equipment. People say I sound like I should be on the radio; although, I personally don't like the sound of my voice. It's almost inaudibly deep. 

Yeah, I would go step-by-step, doing a primary. Talk about what to do in the beginning (pre-primaries), Iowa, New Hampshire. How to deal with multiple primaries coming up (Super Tuesday). How to knock everyone out of the race and get them to endorse you. How to prepare for a locked convention (basically improving relations with the other candidates). How to select a good VP. How to prepare for the General Election, debates, and how to know which battleground states to focus on in the closing days. 

I'd probably do 2016, but play as Romney. 

You could then do short tutorials of situation-based scenarios. Facing a landslide, getting out of bad momentum, running low on money, etc. 

You could then do some historical scenarios as well. The more interesting ones. The 1920 election would be great for contested conventions. There's a ton of candidates. 


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