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I like the new Spin system.  However, it only works if you get 5 interview offers or fewer.  When you get 6 or more offers, the screen does not work correctly. Errors exist both that stop you from picking from the interviews you would like to agree to and that stop you from spinning stories with the help of surrogates.  So far, I have noticed this problem with 6 - 8 newspapers.  However, I have just started playing this version and assume the problem exists for over 8 as well.  If you could fix it that would help.  This problem really makes it hard for players who typically like to have around 20 momentum or so most of the game as it makes the spin system actually punish a player for getting over 5 spins offered.  I would suggest either capping the spins at 5 or adding space so it works correctly for 10 places.   If I am at 8 during the primary stage of my first game, I bet many players will be at 10 or higher.  I have a couple pics of part of the problem attached. 







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19 minutes ago, chrysostom15 said:

I can confirm the problem exists for 9 also. Congratulations on the person with 14... far better than I.  

*Engage Elvis* Thank YA Very Much!:P

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