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1996 Election: Poll

This election takes place as the economy is greatly improving under Clinton's economic team. However, two years prior, Republicans took over the House for the first time in Decades, blocking Clinton's Healthcare initiative.   

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  1. 1. Which candidate do you support in the 1996 Election?

    • Bill Clinton - AR - moderate Democrat (tax cuts, decrease military spending, upgrade military, Welfare reform, supports NAFTA and globalization, peacekeeping missions overseas, continue first-term economic focus, Civil Rights)
    • Bob Dole - KS - Republican (pro-business, supports NAFTA and globalization, lower taxes, opposes abortion but more moderate on it than other Republicans, cuts to social programs)
    • Pat Buchanan - VA - Conservative Republican (cater to Religious Right, anti-abortion, supports return to Reagan Trickle-down theory, opposed NAFTA and globalization)
    • Ross Perot - TX - Reform Independent (tax reform, budget reform, strongly oppose NAFTA/Globalization,
  2. 2. As a member of Congress, how do you view the Clinton impeachment?

    • He lied under oath, and conducted himself in a non-presidential way with his affairs. He should be impeached, convicted and removed from office.
    • He lied under oath. His marital affairs are his own private business, however. He should be impeached, but he should not be convicted or removed from office.
    • This is just a Republican witch hunt for political reasons. There was nothing really impeachable.
    • I don't know/I don't care.
  3. 3. As a member of Congress, do you support Speaker Newt Gingrich routinely attempting to shut down the government because he opposes Clinton's policies?

    • Unbiased response - The purpose of government is to function. I do not support the major party of Congress, whatever it's affiliation, in shutting down the government because it disagrees with the president, regardless of the party with executive power.
    • Bias Republican - The Republicans have taken the house in a historic victory. As such, the people clearly favor Republican leadership. They are counting on us to block Democratic initiatives that their representative disapprove of, even if it means shutting down government. We want limited government after all.
    • Bias Democrat - This is just a Republican ploy, and desperation move for the 1996 election. Gingrich's tactic will certainly backfire. Either he'll be replaced, or Democrats will take back the House. People want a functioning government.
    • I don't know/I don't care. This is just politics.

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I feel like proportional representation would further hurt the ability to govern.  In my opinion, in the current political environment in the US, the regional interests would lead to gridlock that is even worse than it is now.

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1 Clinton

2 is the option I most agree with but I don't fully agree with that either. My view is that a public figure should set a far better example and there can't be such a thing as a private life for a public figure but it wasn't a political act so there shouldn't be a political punishment.

3 Unbiased response

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