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1976 Election: Poll

This election takes place following Nixon's scandal & resignation, the end of the Vietnam War, and during a time when cities, such as New York City, were particularly ripe with crime and economic difficulties, and the country is facing an oil crises.   

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  1. 1. Which candidate do you support in the 1976 election?

    • Gerald Ford - MI - Republican (incumbent president, opposes bailing out cities, women's rights, supports funding for education programs--such as special education, fiscal conservatism, low taxes, neutral on abortion, strongly supports funding NASA, cautious towards combating Communism abroad, ease tension with Soviets in order to work with them,
    • Ronald Reagan - CA - Conservative Republican (fiscal conservatism, low taxes, limited government, deregulation, anti-abortion--first to cater to the modern "Religious Right" purposely, opposes bailing out cities, aggressive towards Communism abroad and with working with Soviets,
    • Jimmy Carter - GA - Moderate Southern Democrat (Civil and political reform to wipe out corruption, quietly favors Civil Rights, price controls on gas, Social Programs, pro-Labor, Welfare reform, deregulation, Healthcare reform)
    • Mo Udall - AZ - Liberal Democrat (Civil Rights, Mormon, big on Healthcare, social programs, helping the poor, pro-Labor)
    • Jerry Brown - CA - Liberal Democrat (Civil Rights, pro-labor, bailing out cities, very pro-anti-discrimination--supporting the gay community before it was popular to do so, balanced budget)
  2. 2. As a member of Congress, how did you respond to Nixon's involvement in the Watergate scandal, the planned impeachment proceedings and Nixon's resignation? (Your closest response)

    • Nixon's role was criminal; I would have supported impeachment and conviction/removal; I am glad that he's out of office.
    • Nixon's role was criminal; I would have supported impeachment but not conviction/removal; I am glad that he's out office.
    • Nixon's role was criminal; I would have supported impeachment but not conviction/removal; However, he was a talented president and I'm sad to see him go.
    • Nixon's role was criminal; I oppose impeachment, since I think, as Nixon does, that "when the president does something, it is NOT illegal"; I am sad to see him go.
    • Nixon's role was not criminal, because I'm not convinced that he was involved, but I do support his resignation, since he should know what his own party/men are doing.
    • Nixon's role was not criminal, since the proof isn't strong enough for conviction. I did not support impeachment proceedings. He should not have been compelled to resign, and he should be able to run again for president if he wishes.
    • I don't know/I don't care.
  3. 3. President Ford refused to bail out cities, such as New York, when their fiscal situations became dire, until he was pressed to do so by the public and other politicians. Despite caving in, he still opposes bailing out cities should he be pressed to do it again. As a member of Congress, do you support Ford?

    • Yes - I support his convictions, but I disapprove that he bailed out NYC and other cities even once. I stand with Ford, but I do not trust him. Besides, he's shown routine impulsive and contradictory behavior in economic issues, which make it appear he doesn't know what to do, and will try anything.
    • Yes - Ford knows that government wasn't meant for bailing people out. His earlier bailing was just a political move to make sure the Republican Party can get elected in 1976. The people don't always know what's constitutional, but they are the ones that vote parties in. Winning is more important than following the rules.
    • No - If the major cities collapse, then the entire economy will fall with it. Regardless if one, in principle, doesn't think government should bail people out, the world has changed in such a way that the principle is not practical. The saving of cities, saves/helps millions of lives. After all, is this not a government "of the people, for the people, by the people"?
    • I don't know/I don't care.

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Here's 1976. 10 votes and I go to 1980. Past polls are in the forum.

Note: I incorrectly titled the 1944 poll as 1844. I can't edit the title, unfortunately. Please vote in that poll if you haven't done so. 

Also, I've started the semester, so the rest of these might not be as detailed as the previous polls, since I'll be spending about 10 minutes on them instead of 15 to 30 minutes. Also, I may only post one poll every day or two. I'll try to keep up with the 10 votes though. 

The next poll might be tomorrow or a few days. 

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1) Ronald Reagan

2) Nixon's role wasn't criminal #2

3) Yes #2

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Vote for Jerry in the Primaries, but would accept a Carter presidency. 

Carter won 76 due to him simply not being tied to the Watergate scandal, and being a southerner- winning those precious southern states, excluding VA- and being farily moderate enough for New England Republicans to back him. My question is: had Jerry Brown won the primaries, would he go on and win the general election? 

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1. Reagan

2. Criminal #1

3. Yes, #1; If a city is irresponsible with their finances, that is not the fault of the federal government or the people who do not live in those cities.

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2 minutes ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

These are too frequent for me :P I'll just look at the results every now and then, can't even remember the one in which I last voted...

Well there's only ten more to go... :P

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Reagan in the primaries, Carter in the general.

NIXON did nothing Wrong!

1st Yes

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