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1972 Election: Poll

This election takes place during the end of the Vietnam War and during the opening of relations with China. Electoral Reform has won with a required primary for every state.   

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Which candidate do you support in 1972?

    • Richard Nixon - CA - Moderate Republican (balance labor and business, moderate on social programs, lower taxes for everyone, end Vietnam with a dignified peace, align the world currencies with America's fiat currency, help allies combat Communism)
    • George McGovern - SD - Liberal Democrat (pro-labor, strongly supports social programs, pro-election reform, lower taxes for middle class and poor, major focus on Civil Rights and healthcare, end Vietnam, avoid fighting Communism abroad.)
    • Hubert Humphrey - MN - Liberal Democrat (pro-labor, supports social programs, cut taxes for middle class and poor, end Vietnam)
    • George Wallace - AL - Conservative Democrat (States Rights, opposes Civil Rights legislation, limited government)
  2. 2. As member of Congress do you support Nixon's opening up of relations with China?

    • Yes - By opening relations with China, we will not only soon find ourselves making a profit by cobbling together our cheap goods in China and selling them for a higher profit at home, but we will also slowly convert them into Capitalism.
    • No - They are Communists. How can we maintain that we are tough on Communism, when we fight them in some places and try to be friendly with them in other places?
    • I don't know - It's good to open channels with isolationist countries, but we should be cautious and not treat them like friends.
    • I don't know/I don't care.
  3. 3. As a member of Congress, what is closest to your opinion of the "Nixon Shock" -- Nixon's unilateral cancellation of the conversion of the US Dollar to the Gold Standard?

    • I approve - Fiat currency is much easier to handle, especially during periods of economic depression or recession, or in attempting to prevent these economic downturns. We now just need to get the rest of the world to do the same, for this to work well.
    • I don't approve - the Gold Standard is sound currency. A currency must be backed by something--specifically gold--or it is valueless.
    • I don't know/I don't care.

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Here's 1972. 10 votes and I go to 1976. Past polls are in the forum.

Note: I incorrectly titled the 1944 poll as 1844. I can't edit the title, unfortunately. Please vote in that poll if you haven't done so. 

Also, I've started the semester, so the rest of these might not be as detailed as the previous polls, since I'll be spending about 10 minutes on them instead of 15 to 30 minutes. Also, I may only post one poll every day or two. I'll try to keep up with the 10 votes though. 

The next poll might be tomorrow or a few days. 

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I actually think that, outside Watergate and his paranoid comments, that Nixon was actually a very inventive president. I find myself agreeing with many of his decisions. However, McGovern would be much closer to my ideals. 

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1)Wallace in the Primaries, Nixon in the General.



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1) Richard Nixon

2) Yes

3) I don't approve

10th vote. :) 

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1 hour ago, Rodja said:

-Hubert Humphrey

-No.They are communists.

-I disapprove.

Well, China's not really Communist anymore - not in a true or pure sense. They've abandoned a fair number of central tenets and pillars of Marxist-Leninist purist ideology and hybrided a large degree of Capitalistic thinking with the partial Communist infrastructure that's left standing. Nixon's overture is probably partially responsible for this transition to their current system. Just pointing this out here.

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